How to Apply Diaper Cream

How to Apply Diaper Cream

Taking care of a baby requires many different tasks. Changing your baby’s diaper can be one of the most challenging. A baby’s bottom is one of his or her most sensitive parts and is susceptible to getting the dreaded diaper rash.

When this occurs, the parents must do everything they can to make the situation better for the baby. One of the things that can be used for this is diaper balm.

Diaper rash can be caused by many things. Some of the most common culprits are excessive stools, especially those that are not changed immediately (for example, overnight), antibiotics, and also sensitive skin. Especially when your child has been known to have sensitive skin, the parents must exercise extreme caution to change dirty diapers quickly and frequently to help avoid diaper rash.

Babies are also susceptible to yeast infections which can cause a rash on the child’s bottom. Heat can also cause a rash, although diaper balm is usually not an effective method to cure this type of rash.

Once your child has diaper rash, one of the best ways to help get rid of it besides letting their bottom air out is to use a diaper balm. There are several different types that are available right off the store shelves. These include A&D; and Desitin. Another type that is available behind the pharmacy counter, but without a prescription is Triple Paste.

A parent has to test different ones out to find out what works best for their child. Like everything else, each child will react differently to each diaper balm.

After cleaning your child’s bottom thoroughly, you should allow it to air dry for a few minutes. It is best to place a cloth or diaper over the child’s front area so that they do not urinate while laying there. After his or her bottom is thoroughly dry, the diaper balm should then be applied followed by a fresh diaper.

Apply the diaper balm to the entire area of the diaper rash and even a little bit outside the area. This should be done until the rash is gone. If the rash doesn’t get any better in a few days, then the parent should call the doctor for further instructions.

If your child is particularly prone to diaper rashes due to sensitive skin, your doctor may recommend using a diaper balm after every diaper change. This will add a protective layer between the baby’s skin and the diaper.

This will often prevent a new rash from appearing. You should only do this under your doctor’s recommendation, though, since excessive diaper balm can cause the baby’s skin to be unable to breathe and can cause other problems. Also, if your child should develop a diaper rash that is raw and bleeding, then a trip to the doctor would be in order. Your child would likely need a special prescription cream and diaper balm should not be used until the bleeding is stopped.

Taking care of your child can be a difficult, long drawn out task, but it is important all the same. Keeping their diaper area free of the rash and comfortable is one of those very important tasks. Diaper balm can be a huge life saver in making a baby’s diaper rash better.

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