How to appeal to a man’s sense of smell

man’s sense of smell

We all have certain smells we associate with feelings of security and happiness: it might be newly-cut grass, baking bread, a certain soap, or the smell of a damp sweater as you come in from the rain. Many men are particularly sensitive to different fragrances – and in fact, the way to your man’s heart may not be through his stomach, but through his nose.

What food smells does he like and dislike?

You may be cooking with him one night, or out in a restaurant when you catch a whiff of pungent herbs or melted Parmesan cheese. Pay attention to his reaction. Is he disgusted, or entraced by the smell of a certain food?
Ask him to explain his reaction to you. The smell might have links with his childhood, an ex-lover, or some other joyous or traumatic occasion.

If you discover, for example, that he’s partial to the smell of vanilla, think about trying a perfume which includes vanilla notes. Or experiment with a couple of dessert recipes which focus on this flavor and watch him respond positively to the sumptuous desert – and his delicious smelling partner!

What fragrances does he surround himself with?

Without hunting obsessively through is an apartment for olfactory clues, you can still pick up a lot of information about the smells he prefers by noticing some of the details of his everyday life. What does he use to wash his clothes? What kinds of household products does he buy? Does he buy them because he likes the way they smell, or does he claim not to notice? His household smells are a good indication of how fine-tuned his sense of smell is, and how conscious he is of the element of fragrance in his daily routine.

His bathroom is a treasure trove of fragrance cues. Take a sniff at his soap and shampoo. What about his shaving cream? Are these products strictly utilitarian, or do you see a herbal or musky theme emerging? His cologne or aftershave is perhaps the clearest sign of the kinds of smells he likes – after all if he’s applying this fragrance to his face or body first thing in the morning, you can be pretty sure it does something special for him!

Feminine scents.

Bear in mind that, as much as he enjoys the smell of his cologne for himself, he’s probably after a different effect when he’s close enough to smell YOUR chosen perfume. Many men are very vocal when it comes to the way you smell. Pay attention, and listen to his feedback about your perfume. If he nuzzles into your neck and murmurs “God, you smell
fantastic”, you can be pretty sure you’re on the right track.

Paying attention to his sensory preferences can pay big dividends. If you replicate some of the smells from his apartment and early life, you may find that he’s happy to curl up and nest with you, secure in the smell of
compatibility. But the power of scent doesn’t have to be confined entirely to the domestic arena.

Get to know the smells which affect him the most strongly, and combine them on your skin, in the kitchen, and in the bedroom and you will also reap the rewards in terms of romance and passion.

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