How to advertise on a billboard

advertise on a billboard

Billboard advertising is a high-impact way of getting your advertising message across to potential customers. Well-placed billboards are seen by thousands of people who pass by them every day. While the visibility makes them cost-effective, billboard advertising can prove to be a tricky business.

Billboard ads target the subconscious, subtly instilling an awareness of a brand or concept. That’s why most of the billboard ads you see along the nation’s highways are for major national brands. These advertisers know that billboards help develop brand awareness and they have the budgets to support the campaign.

When deciding how to advertise on a billboard, you should carefully consider whether this type of advertising will be money well spent. While the initial cost varies according to the market, outdoor advertising is typically more expensive than many other forms of advertising. However, given the fact that thousands of people per day may be exposed to your message, billboards can be more cost-effective compared to other methods.

If you decide that billboard advertising is a good fit for your company, you will need to target the audience you want to reach with your advertising message and select the appropriate size billboard. You should consider the cost of various sizes of billboards.

Typical billboards sizes are 14 by 48 feet, 12 by 24 feet, and 5 by 11 feet. The largest signs are the ones that people most often notice along the highway. Larger signs will give you maximum exposure. Because of the different placement requirements for smaller signs, as the sign decreases in size, the market exposed to the message becomes smaller and more centralized. If your company has a physical location near the sign, it would probably be more cost-effective to use a smaller sign to direct traffic to your place of business.

Remember billboards are not supposed to go into great detail. The billboard advertising is primarily designed to reinforce advertising messages that you have been campaigning using other media. Since your audience is on the move, your message should be brief yet eye-catching. Most billboards are in a person’s line of vision for only three or four seconds.

When it comes to designing your billboard, you might be wise to find someone who specializes in outdoor advertising. Contact a professional ad agency or billboard designer to create the billboards visuals and text, and to install the billboard face.

Many billboard companies offer in-house designers that will assist you with your ad. You also can hire an advertising agency to design your billboard, but you may find it more cost-effective to let the billboard company perform the work. The initial start-up costs can be significant, but once your billboard is finished, you can use the same design for all of your ads.

You also might want to seek out companies that have experience in your industry by searching for trade publications and organizations. If you are interested in a company that deals primarily with your industry, it might also represent one of your competitors. Be sure you ask them about their policy on such a conflict of interest. Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to an agency. You might get lost in the shuffle if you don’t have a large advertising budget.

Choose several companies that meet your needs and arrange informal visits to their facilities. This will provide you with an opportunity to see each of them in action and to make clear your advertising goals. After you request and check references of each one, narrow the field down to three or four companies and request a formal presentation. Hopefully, one will stand out above the crowd.

If you loved a company’s presentation, you need to make certain that the people responsible for those concepts you liked are the same ones who will be working on your account. If others, such as employees or business partners, will be working with the agency, invite them to sit in the meetings and involve them in the agency selection process.

When you find a designer that you have the utmost confidence in, you should still stay involved with the entire process. If you don’t agree with the direction of the advertising message, don’t let yourself get pushed aside during the design phase. Speak up if you feel that the campaign doesn’t suit your needs or even if the placement of your billboard is not adequate.

After the sign is installed, you should monitor the rotation and placement of your sign. You should notify the billboard company immediately if you discover that your ads are not being placed as agreed.

After the sign is installed

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