How to add pressed flowers and stickers to a candle

How to add pressed flowers and stickers to a candle

Ever seen candles that have pressed flowers just under the surface of the candle? Ever want to have some to place in your home but don’t want to pay extra for these specialty candles?

The good news is you can make these decorative candles at home. And you can also use more than just pressed flowers to decorate your candles. In fact, you can use just about anything that is flat and somewhat malleable, so items like pressed flowers and stickers work well.

As a note, adding flammable materials to a candle can increase dangers of fire when burning candles. As such, it may be better to no burn your decorative candles, or if you do take care and keep them away from other flammable materials.


You will need two candles for this project. One should be a pillar candle approximately 6″ in height (may be shorter) with about a 3″ diameter, and the other a votive. The two candles should be of the same color. A white or off-white candle will work best. Other light colors may work, but be sure the hint of color will not impede your decorations.

Next you will need some pressed flowers and/or stickers to add to the surface of your candle.

You will also need two pans, the smaller of which you will not be used to cook in. You will use the smaller pan to heat the wax in. The larger pan will hold water, and the smaller pan should fit in it. You may also want to have an item like a metal cookie cutter to set the smaller pan on.

And finally, you will want a small paintbrush. You will use this to paint with the wax, so keep this in mind when picking a brush. A relatively small brush with a flat tip may work best, but you may need to experiment.


  1. Take your pans and put a couple of inches of water in the larger pan, put the cookie cutter on the bottom (if you’re using one), and then place your second pan in the larger pan. Put the votive candle in the smaller pan.
  2. Wait until the votive candle has melted. This may take a while, however, take care to heat slowly. Do not overheat, and do not leave the melted wax unattended. Keep in mind you will need to keep the wax in this melted state while working.
  3. Take the pressed flowers and/or stickers and decide how you want to put them on the candle. Perhaps lay them out around the candle to get a general idea of where you will be adding them.
  4. With the paintbrush, first, dip into the melted wax and then put a very small amount of wax on the pillar candle where you wish to position your first flower or sticker. You only need enough wax to adhere to your item for a short time.
  5. Press the flower or sticker on top of the wax.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of the stickers and/or pressed flowers are in place.
  7. Now that your design is complete, brush a very thin layer of the melted wax over the entire candle.

For a variation, you could also not cover any the pressed flowers or stickers with wax. Or, perhaps after you have finished your candle, you could add another pressed flower or sticker, pressing it carefully into the cooling wax, adding a bit more melted wax to secure it onto the candle. You could also try using a colored pillar candle and a white votive, taking care to keep the layer of added wax even.

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