How often to replace muffler

How often to replace muffler

Cars are an important part of our lives but when they start having problems it can be confusing and expensive. In some cases, we are able to tell immediately what is wrong with the car. In other cases, one has to be skilled at figuring out the problem. When it comes to cars sometimes there are subtle clues that something is getting ready to fall apart or quit working. It may be a sound or a smell but your car attempts to notify you that something is wrong – if you’re paying attention.

Mufflers are a very important part of your car’s make-up since they not only quiet the car but they also help to prevent emissions from entering the cab. One of the first signs of a failing muffler is a change in the sound of your car when it starts and while it is running. The car will sound louder but you might not notice at first. If the muffler is not repaired the sound will definitely get louder and louder. In most towns sound pollution is an offense for which you will be written a ticket. That’s only one reason to make sure your muffler gets fixed, and soon.

When emissions from the car’s tailpipe begin to enter the cab it’s a dangerous occurrence. Exhaust can be deadly and since it’s clear you have no idea how much is entering the car. Small children and people with heart or lung problems are, particularly at risk. If you live in a large town where there is lots of traffic you may not immediately notice the fumes. Initially, the fumes can cause coughing, allergies, or watery eyes. Exhaust fumes can also cause small babies to fall asleep while riding in the car. This is extremely dangerous. In addition, faulty mufflers emit toxic gasses into the air. The muffler helps to clean up the gasses before sending them out of the tailpipe.

Gas mileage is seriously decreased when a muffler is bad. In some cases the estimates are that a car will go through gasoline twice as fast with a bad muffler as it will with a good muffler.

Upon noticing fumes or loud noise from the muffler have it checked immediately. There are several different things that can cause a car to release gasses into the cab or be louder than usual. There’s a possibility that it’s not the muffler after all. Muffler gaskets can go bad letting in deadly fumes and causing the car to be louder than normal.

It also could be that your tailpipe is broken and you won’t be needing a new muffler but a tailpipe instead. Or the car’s catalytic converter could have gone bad, which is even more expensive than a new muffler. Have someone you trust look under the car. If it is the muffler a hole or burnt spot is extremely noticeable.

A new muffler costs in the neighborhood of $100 to $150. Some car models are cheaper, some more expensive. Don’t put off having the muffler fixed, though. It will save you gas money in the long run and is much safe for your family and the environment.

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