How often to highlight hair without damage

How often to highlight hair without damage

There are several different products on the market available to successfully highlight your hair at home. Here are ways to properly highlight your hair and avoid making mistakes.

Follow these steps and procedures:

To begin any highlighting or coloring of your hair, first do a test procedure with a thin piece of your hair and small amount of the mixture of highlighting product. Wait a few minutes to test for any adverse effects of color or damage to your hair. If everything tests okay, you then can proceed with the highlighting instructions included in the packet.

Here’s a tip, if you’d like to highlight and touch up roots that have grown out on your hair, place a small amount of the highlighting mixture on your highlighting tool. Then, put a thin layer on only the roots that need a little color, making sure you space the strands to create a more natural look. Decrease the amount of time you normally leave the color on to highlight your hair all over, so there’s not a drastic difference in color.

To create your own look of highlight to your hair you can put some of the highlighting mixture between your finger and thumb, (use gloves to avoid irritation), and pick up a strand of hair and smooth through from the top of the strand to the bottom. Then decide what look you’d like to create, from framing just the front or just a few pieces of highlighted hair on different areas of your hair. Be creative and fun!

Please make sure you take your time and that you are not rushed to avoid any careless mistakes in application of your highlighting product, for example, placing the highlighting mixture on too thick, big splotches of color, or a stripe down the back of your hair!. Check the time you started and be ready to follow the timing results for the desired hue of color on the package.

Before using the product, put something over your clothing. A plastic cape, or an unfolded kitchen bag works well, to protect your clothing from any spills from the highlighting product.

If you want a more dramatic and over all highlighting effect on your hair, try taking the top layer of hair up and away from the bottom layer of hair. Next, using either a highlighting tool or your fingers, gently apply the mixture. If you like a more lightly touched affect of highlight on your hair use the product sparingly, since a deeper hue of color is achieved when more of the mixture is applied.

Next, take the top portion of hair and repeat the highlighting process by taking sections of hair and spreading the mixture through evenly.

Try not to apply too much of the mixture on your hair, but if this happens, you can easily wipe some of the mixture off with a tissue or paper towel.

To achieve an even amount of highlighting color all over your hair, be sure you use a mirror for the back of your hair and evenly space the comb in sections to apply the highlighting solution, or better yet, have someone else help you apply it to the back of your hair!

Once you have the highlighting product on your hair, watch the time, so you don’t go over the time you wanted to achieve a certain color.

Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the highlighting product when you are finished and follow the instructions included in your packet. It’s best to use a good conditioner following treatment of the highlighting product to maintain the highlights and color you have just achieved as well as the good condition of your hair following the highlighting procedure.

Follow these steps the next time you’d like to color your hair at home, and it will help you avoid any mistakes and a trip to a professional hair salon.

Follow these steps
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