How often to change spark plugs in car

How often to change spark plugs in car

When the spark plugs wear out on a car the car will start misfiring and running poorly.

Cars with old spark plugs will not start easily in the morning and will seem sluggish when driving. Your gasoline consumption will go up if the spark plugs are old to make up for the poor connection. Most spark plugs need to be changed about every 15,000 miles, but some new cars with platinum spark plugs only need to be changed every

60,000 miles! If you have one of the older cars (most are) the article will tell you how to change your spark plugs.

A spark plug works by allowing two wires to be close enough together that a spark can jump between them. The distributor of the car motor generates the electrical current that flows through the ceramic casing that surrounds the wires of the spark plug and jumps to the other wire that is grounded, to complete the circuit and ignite the fuel. When the spark plugs are worn out, the electrical current will not make it’s journey as successfully and will cause a car to have reduced power. This reduced power can cause a number of problems with your car; misfiring, drives sluggish, won’t start right away, and poor gasoline consumption.

To remove your old spark plugs your engine should be cooled off. Wait two hours after driving to insure it is cooled off. To prevent further damage you should disconnect the car’s battery. Clean the area of the spark plugs by using an air blower. You can use a bicycle tire pump or an air compressor and pump a few bursts of air into the cavity to rid it of dirt, dust or gravel. Blowing the debris out is important so that once the plugs are removed nothing will fall down into the cylinder.

Remove the spark plug wires by giving the “boot” or rubber covering a twist and then pulling it off. Do not pull on the wires this can permanently damage them. Remove the spark plugs with a spark plug socket. Spark plug sockets have a rubber lining that prevents damage to the ceramic casing. Place the socket over the plug and twist it out.
Be careful not to drop anything into the engine cylinder, the piston or head. Extreme damage to the cylinder or head will occur when a foreign object is left inside!

You should have already purchased the new spark plugs that are specifically for you size engine at an auto parts store. To install the new spark plugs, you should lubricate each plug on the threads. This will allow for easy removal at your next spark plug change.

You need to gap each spark plug to the manufacturer’s specifications. You can buy a spark plug gapper at your auto parts store. Place each spark into the cylinder by hand.

Finger tighten it. For gasket plugs, you need to use a plug socket one-quarter turn after it has been finger tightened. Attach each plug wire by pushing the rubber over the tip of the plug.

Finger tighten it

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