How much does ceramic tile installation cost?

ceramic tile installation

Having recently completed installing tile in a few rooms in my home, I have found that this project can cost as much or as little as you are prepared to pay for it. If you want a long-lasting, durable, high-quality floor, be prepared to pay more. If you have a professional install the floor for you it will cost you double or more for what you can do the project for yourself.

When my husband and I first decided that we wanted to go with a tile floor, we went to a few stores to get a quote from them on installation and to see what type of tiles were available. The more we looked the harder it was to decide. We found that there were so many beautiful tiles and designs that it was difficult to decide which tiles and designs we liked better. We wanted a floor that would compliment our home and give it enduring beauty for many years to come.

When checking prices, I found that 12 inch x 12 inch tiles were a little less expensive than 6 inch x 6 inch tiles. We had to decided if we wanted ceramic tile verses porcelain tile. We went with a porcelain tile because of the endurance. The 12 inch x 12 inch porcelain tiles that we selected cost $3.19 per square foot. Our pattern also included smaller tiles. The 6 inch x 6 inch tiles cost $3.79 per square foot. The most expensive tiles I found were the decorative tiles. I was quoted a price of $12.79 for one 4 inch x 12 inch decorative tile. That can get pretty expensive if you need to buy quite a few. To get the best price you should check the selection of many different places.

Some of the materials that you will need to install your floor include: tile (prices given above), backerboard ($8.45 per sheet), screws ($4.00 per box), cement ($33.08 per 3.5 gallon bucket), grout (the price of a 25 pound bag of grout to match our tile was $18.45), tile cutter(you can buy one for as cheap as $40 to make straight cuts or you can spend a couple hundred dollars for the top of the line cutters), nippers ($15.00), notched trowel ($8.00), spacers ($2.50 a bag), and sponges ($4.00 plus).

If you do decide to do it yourself, I highly recommend that you use top quality cement and purchase top quality tiles. Remember that this floor is something you will have to live with for quite a while. Check our all your options before you make any decisions. Make sure the tile you purchase is compatible for the place you are planning on tiling. Make sure your floor is properly prepared for your tile. If you try to cut corners, you will know because you will have to replace your floor sooner than you should have had to.

Hopefully, your installation will be successful and you will be enjoying the new look in your home for many years to come.

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