How much does an inground swimming pool cost?

inground swimming pool cost

Who says you can’t afford an inground swimming pool?

If you would like to have an inground pool in your backyard, but you are unsure of the cost, have no fear. If you’ve ever worked a new car payment into your budget, you can manage a pool payment. When my husband and I decided to look into the cost of an inground swimming pool, hoping against hope that we could afford one, we were pleasantly surprised. The total cost for our pool including cement work and fencing was about $22,000.

Our minivan costs more than that! So, we made a decision to pay off the minivan and keep it for a few more years. That would allow us to make a pool payment instead of a new car payment for the next five years.

The contracted price for our pool was $17,250. That’s a 18x36x8 foot deep vinyl lined pool with a diving board, ladder-type steps in the deep end and an eight-foot-wide fiberglass stairway with handrail to enter the shallow end of the pool, a solar cover and reel, a safety cover for winter, a pool light, a life-line with floats to divide the shallow end from the deep end, a vacuum kit, a gas heater, the pump, and filter system along with all the paraphernalia to necessary operate a pool.

We had a four-foot sidewalk poured around our pool, a generous cement pad for lounge chairs, and a four foot by sixteen-foot walkway from the pool to our back deck for approximately $2500. And we installed ourselves a white vinyl safety/privacy fence around our backyard. The fence was about $3000, but it is maintenance-free, looks beautiful, and meets the insurance company’s safety guidelines. These expenses fall in the category of “extras” and your total expenditures will be more, or less, according to your wants or needs.

The cost of your pool can be lowered by cutting back on the pool size and depth, by having less cement work and installing a less expensive fence. If your tastes are for a more elaborate size pool and professional landscaping you’ll have to budget in more.

Then you have to consider the cost of maintaining an inground swimming pool. The amounts I’m sharing are based on using your pool for 6 months of the year. We run our filter system 24/7 which added about $50 more per month of operation to our electric bill. Installing a timer that would shut the pool pump off for eight hours a day would cut down on the electric usage and save money.

Chemicals to keep the pool water sparkling clear and sanitary run us from $300 to $400 per year. Most of that is used when the pool is opened in the spring and being closed down for the winter. So if you live in a climate where you don’t shut your pool in for the winter, but use it 12 months a year, your chemical costs will not necessarily be doubled.

The remainder of the $300 to $400 is spent on chemicals for daily/weekly/monthly maintenance: chlorine tablets or bromine tablets, ph increasers or decreasers, algaecides, test strips all of which your local pool store will set you up with. You’ll also be given instructions for checking and maintaining proper chemical balance for healthy swimming water.

The cost of heating your pool will vary according to the type of energy you are using, the pool temperature you find comfortable, and the climate in your area. If you live in a warm climate a heater isn’t even necessary.

Perhaps minimal cost is of minor consequence to you; rather you’d like to know the price of a deluxe inground pool project complete with a full-screen room over the pool and attached Jacuzzi. Among other amenities, both pool and Jacuzzi would have an electronically controlled heating system.

The pool would be incorporated into a spacious lanai featuring beautiful stone/acrylic flooring, with a safety system that sounds an alarm if any door or window from the house to the pool/screen room is opened. The surface of this pool would be quartz crystal having gorgeous artistic tile work at water level height, and the same tile work on the step entry into the pool. For approximately $45,000 you could be sipping tequila by just such a pool.

The price of your dream-come-true inground swimming pool may be well within your reach. Call several pool dealers in your area and get estimates. Estimates are normally free, so you have nothing to lose. You may find yourself one step closer to having a built-in vacation spot right outside your back door.

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