How many beers in a keg and other useful party information

How many beers in a keg and other useful party information

Throwing a party involves planning the right quantities of beverages and food for your guests. It also helps to know a few interesting and fun facts to share with your guests as they mix and mingle.

A keg of beer in the U.S. is the equivalent of a half-barrel. It holds 15.5 gallons of beer. It weighs as much as 180 pounds at capacity and is about 30 pounds when empty. That breaks out to about 1980 ounces. Actual per-glass quantity will vary depending on the amount of foam. Worst case, based on a 12-oz serving with ½-inch head, will be about 200 cups and best case will be about 220 cups with a 1-inch head of foam. That equates to about seven cases of beer.

Other keg sizes include the quarter keg, which holds about 80 twelve-ounce beers and the 1/6 Pony that holds about 50 twelve-ounce beers. The beer sphere and party keg hold about the same as the Pony.

Mixed drinks are served based on a jigger, or 1 ½ ounce. You will get 16 jiggers from a 750 ml bottle, 22 jiggers from a 1-liter bottle, and 39 jiggers from a 1/75 liter bottle.

Wine is typically measured in 4- or 5-ounce increments. You should be able to fill 5 wine glasses from one 750 ml bottle and have approximately 10 servings from a 1.5 liter.

Always chill wines before serving. Observe the twenty-minute rule: remove white wines from the refrigerator twenty minutes before you serve them; refrigerate red wines for twenty minutes before you open the bottle. That is a general rule sweet whites taste better if they remain cold.

Soak oranges and lemons in warm water first and they will yield more juice.

To prevent dripping when pouring from a bottle, rub a strip of wax paper around the rim.

Shake drinks that use fruit juices. Stir beverages that contain only alcohol and water. If you are mixing a carbonated beverage, stir gently or the sparkly effect will dissipate. The fizzing action actually does the mixing.

If you do not have room in the freezer to chill glasses, fill them with ice and let the cubes melt. Pour out the cold water and then fill with fresh ice when you are ready to mix.

Calculate for at least double the number of plates per guest. Quadruple napkin quantities.

The information below may be useful for party conversation starters.

One 12-ounce can of beer provides approximately 3% of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins B2, B6, and B9. Other important vitamins, however, are lacking.

Tequila first appeared in the United States in 1873 in El Paso, Texas.

William Painter of Baltimore invented the first bottle cap, which is also known as a crown. He introduced the invention in 1892.

One bottle of wine requires more than 600 grapes.

While the bubbles in beer rise to the top, the opposite is true of Guinness the bubbles go to the bottom of the glass.

Guinness stout, when poured from the can, approximates the same foamy head as if it were served from a tap. This is due to the inclusion of a widget, which contains beer and nitrogen. Opening the can releases the widget’s contents and combines with the stout.

Prohibition lasted from 1920 to 1933 for a total of 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, and 32 ½ minutes.

Cutty Sark means â short shirt and is the name of the fleet-footed witch in the Robert Burns poem Tam-O-Shanter.

The pilot’s code for the letter W is whiskey.

The patron saint of beer was King Gambrinus; the patron saint of brewing was St. Arnold.

If you collect coasters, your official title is the tegestologist. Seasoned collectors refer to coasters as beer mats.

If you are afraid that your beer glass will become empty, then you may be afflicted with cenosillicaphobia.

In early Scandinavia, instead of drinking from handmade drinking vessels, men used the top halves of enemies’ skulls.

A wine label’s vintage date listing does not mean when the wine was bottled but rather denotes the time at which harvesting of the grapes was completed.

Allow good champagne to age not less than four years.

John Wagner receives credit for making the first US lager. He used yeast from Bavaria.

Anacreon is an old British drinking song and was the basis for “The Star-Spangled Banner.

Dom Perignon was first, it seems, to cork wine. He lived during the 1600s, was blind, and was a Benedictine monk. Prior to his discovery, wine bottles were sealed with plugs of cloth.

You will find no end to the possibilities for good party ideas. First, though, you should have the right quantities of food and drink and be ready with good conversation starters.

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