How long does it take for bangs to grow out

Female beauty consists of many factors. Hair is one of them. Their growth of hair usually takes many years, because in a month the hair increases in length by only a few inches. The biggest disadvantage of bangs is probably that terrible growth phase.

Because once you’re done with your bangs (and yes, that moment will eventually come), you’ll have to sit out quite a while before there’s no trace of it left. Hair grows back quickly and your bangs are soon too long, but the model will last for a long time.

How long does it take for bangs to grow out
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How hair grows

The hair on the head grows throughout a woman’s life. Their growth is cyclical. During their life they go through three phases: growth, rest, and loss. The duration of the first phase is from two to five years, the second – a little more than two weeks, the third – about three months. In the dying phase, the hair stops developing, and its follicle shrinks and approaches the surface of the skin. The dying phase is characterized by hair loss, after which a new one begins to grow in its place. Similarly, the hair growth cycle repeats over and over again.

How long will it take to grow out bangs?

A woman’s bangs have been growing all her life, but everyone’s growth rate is purely individual. On average, It is estimated that your hair grows about 1/4 inch per month in autumn and winter and 1/2 inch per month in spring and summer. Many women say that their hair grows very fast, so if you are lucky, you will grow these bangs fast!

What does bangs growth rate depend on?

Bangs growth rate depends on many factors are listed below:

  • climate
  • nutrition
  • age
  • heredity
  • time of day
  • season of the year

In hot climates, as well as in summer, spring, and daytime, bangs grow faster. As of now, their growth speeds up by 15-20%. This is due to the fact that in warm weather the blood circulation in the scalp increases. This works on the inventory of supplements to the hair follicles. In the cold season, the blood circulates more strongly in the internal organs, and its movement slows down near the dermis. For this reason, the hair cells are not so actively divided in winter.

The growth rate of bangs directly depends on age. In children, the monthly increase will average 1.3 centimeters, in adults – 1.5 centimeters, and in the elderly – about 1 centimeter.

Heredity plays an important role in the growth rate of bangs.

The growth of bangs is also affected by the use of various chemicals, in particular, paints. According to trichologists, after perming and coloring, growth slows down by half a centimeter per month.

How to accelerate the growth of bangs

It is difficult to argue with nature, but it is possible. Every woman will be able to accelerate hair growth if she makes it a rule to do a daily head massage and masks twice a week, give up coloring, curling irons, and a hairdryer, and also reconsider her diet.

With the help of homemade masks, you can stimulate hair growth quite well. Masks with mustard, dioxide, or pepper tincture are suitable for this purpose. If you do them with enviable regularity, the hair can grow by 25-30 centimeters in a year, which is quite a lot.

Protein is necessary for hair growth, so eggs, meat dishes, fish, bread with bran should prevail on your menu. In addition, vitamins will not be superfluous, especially in the autumn-winter period.

If you want to have long bangs, then do not be lazy to comb it thoroughly. This will increase blood circulation and, as a result, nourish the hair follicles.

How do I make sure that my bangs are as long as the rest of my hair?

Well, you were probably hoping I could give you some closely guarded professional secret to accelerated hair growth, but unfortunately, none exist (otherwise I would be a very wealthy man). You will have to grow your bangs and be patient and depending on the length of the rest of your hair, this may take a while.

After this bad news, I have some good news for you too. In other words, I have some tips to help control your bangs as they grow. When it gets a little longer than its normal length and starts to hang in an annoying way in front of your eyes, consider using a curling iron. Curling your bangs’ hairs will make them appear shorter.

When they have grown a bit more, enough to comb them back, you can use a hairband to keep them out of your face. You can also – if you prefer – style your hair back and away from your face, using styling products to keep your bangs with the rest of your hair back. This is also a good time to add curl to your hairstyle if you don’t already have one. That way you disguise the length of your bangs.

After growing some more, your bangs will reach a length that you can more easily blend with the rest of your hair and style it to either side. Your bangs are no longer that insufferable thing, but rather a minor hindrance to the way you wear your hair. If you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of the length of the rest of your hair, you might consider going for a shorter haircut that’s the same length, and that way, it narrows the gap between your bangs and the rest of your hair. You should at least keep the current length of your haircut by having it trimmed every now and then. Otherwise, your bangs can never get that long.

Remember that the average growth of a person’s hair is only a good cm per month. Even with minimal trimming(every 8 to 12 weeks), you can only expect a good 12 cm growth per year. So if you have long hair past the shoulders – let’s say 45cm – and want to grow a 10cm fringe to the same length, you will have to be patient for about three years before all your hair is the same length.

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