How long do eyelash extensions last

Eyelash extensions are a lifesaver for many girls. They reduce the time for morning preparations. On vacation, this is the best option, because with them you can safely swim in the water and not worry about the fact that mascara stains will remain on your face. Extended hairs save if your eyelashes are short or sparse.

How long do eyelash extensions last

You can create an expressive look with the help of modern technologies. Many girls who do this procedure for the first time wonder how long the extension lasts. It all depends on the quality of the work performed by the master and on how carefully the girl herself will look after them in the future.

How long should eyelashes last after extensions?

There is no exact answer to this question. The duration of eyelash wear depends on many factors. The average value is 2-3 weeks. The further correction will be required. After two corrective procedures, the masters recommend making a new extension or resting their eyelashes. The time of wearing eyelashes may also depend on the type of extension.

How long do different effects last?

The most common effects are classic, 2D, and 3D extensions.

Classic extension

This effect is preferred by lovers of naturalness, as the classic looks as natural as possible. How long a classic extension will last depends on how quickly your hairs are updated. On average, this happens in 2-3 months. Eyelashes extended in this way are distinguished by long wear.

If high-quality materials were used, the bend and size of the hairs were correctly selected, then the extension will last for 1-2 months.

2D effect

This method will make the eyelashes thicker and the look more expressive, but at the same time, the load on the eyes will increase. With eyelashes extended in this technique, you need to be careful. Avoid harsh cleansers and greasy creams.

If all the rules are followed, then the effect will last about a month.

3D technology

This option is better to choose for special occasions. Eyelashes look as artificial as possible: they are very lush and thick. This is created due to the fact that three artificial ones are glued to each own hair. On ordinary days, this effect will not look very appropriate. The load on the eyes increases significantly, the quality of their eyelashes deteriorates – they become brittle.

Wear time – from three weeks to two months.

What determines the duration of wearing eyelash extensions

There are a lot of factors that affect the life of artificial eyelashes. The main ones include:

  1. Master’s professionalism. One of the key factors on which the term of wear of eyelashes depends. If the master responsibly approaches his work, uses high-quality materials, then the cilia will last a long time. He must follow the correct extension technology: select the ideal indent from the root zone, determine the area of ​​\u200b\u200b contact between natural and artificial eyelashes, and collect a sufficient amount of glue.It is important that the master constantly develops his professional skills, takes refresher courses.
  2. Material. Using low-quality extension products will not only shorten the life of your eyelashes, but also harm your body. Feel free to ask the master for certificates for the materials he uses.
  3. Features of the body. Eyelash correction is carried out when your own grow. For each girl, this is an individual process: for some, they grow back in 2-3 weeks, for someone in 4-6 weeks.
  4. Glue. There are two types of adhesive bases: liquid and resin. Resin-based glue dries longer, so the master will have time to correct any errors. With a liquid base, everything is more complicated: it dries instantly. It is better to use such a basis for experienced professionals. It is also important that the adhesive base is of high quality. Cheap glue won’t hold the lashes for long, so they fall out quickly. 
  5. Working conditions. It is important that a comfortable temperature regime and the correct humidity are selected in the master’s office.
  6. client illness. During an illness, it is better to refrain from the extension procedure. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a cold or the flu. First, the body is weakened. Secondly, the composition of medicines (especially antibiotics) has a destructive effect on artificial hairs. 

The main reasons for the rapid loss of eyelashes after extension

In addition to the main factors that affect the period of wear of eyelashes, there are such reasons:

  1. Use of inappropriate cosmetics. The care products you use also affect how long your lashes last. The presence of oils and fats in cosmetic products negatively affects artificial eyelashes. These components destroy the adhesive base, which leads to hair loss.
  2. Going to the bath or sauna. Hot air negatively affects eyelashes. Under its influence, they begin to fall out. And not 2-3 cilia, but whole bunches. 
  3. Taking hormones or vitamins. When taking these drugs, the body is updated in an accelerated mode. Accordingly, the eyelashes will grow faster.
  4. Oily skin. If you are the owner of oily skin, then to some extent you are lucky. Indeed, because of its texture, it is able to keep youth longer. But its beneficial effect does not extend to the toe of eyelashes. If the skin itself is oily, then fat accumulates on the eyelids, and it destroys the adhesive base. 
  5. Sea and chlorinated water. Salt and chlorine also have a destructive effect on the adhesive. Therefore, after the sea and the pool, be sure to rinse your eyes with clean running water.
  6. Constant eye contact. After eyelash extensions, do not constantly touch your eyes. One careless movement will damage the artificial beams.
  7. Wrong behavior immediately after the procedure. For the first three hours, do not wet your eyes with water. Also on the first day, it is better to refrain from going out into the sun. During this time, the glue will dry completely and fix the cilia.
  8. Wrong position during sleep. While wearing eyelash extensions, you do not need to sleep with your face in the pillow. Firstly, tissue villi will clog between the eyelashes, and it is difficult to clean them out. Secondly, the hairs are deformed and eventually begin to fall out unevenly.
  9. Tears. Try not to cry while wearing eyelashes. The tear fluid destroys the adhesive base and the hairs themselves.
  10. Wearing lenses. For girls who wear contact lenses, there are no contraindications to building. But the lashes won’t last long. During the period of wearing the hairs, you should touch your eyes as little as possible. With lenses, this is not possible, as they constantly need to be removed and put on. Cilia do not withstand frequent invasion. 
  11. Wearing glasses. There are no strict contraindications. But the hairs can rest against the lenses of the glasses, deform and take on an unaesthetic appearance.
  12. Using curling irons. It is strictly forbidden to use them for curling eyelashes. The hairs will not withstand such pressure and will immediately fall off. To comb the eyelashes, use special brushes. 
  13. Use of decorative cosmetics. Of course, you can use cosmetics while wearing artificial hairs. But it is necessary to pay attention to its composition. For example, you can not use oil-based shadows. It is also best to avoid waterproof products.

To remove them, you need to make a lot of effort, and we remember that extended eyelashes should be touched as rarely as possible.

For shooters, it is better to choose liners. It’s easier to draw an arrow with them, which means you don’t have to fix your makeup and once again disturb your eyelashes.

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