How does EZ pass work

How does EZ pass work

Ever find yourself heading out to a sporting event,

or a concert, driving along headfirst into a line of people waiting to pay a toll to get onto a particular highway? Notice the fast lane. More than likely, it’s got a sign above it that says something like, EZ Pass ONLY-No Cash. Groaning, you remind yourself that any day now, you’re going to get yourself one of those things. Sound familiar? Here are some easy to take steps that will put you into the fast lane in no time.

Log on to, and select your area. You will be directed to fill out a form asking for information such as your driver’s license number, your credit card number, and/or checking account to be debited. Most states give you the option to choose either unlimited access charged to a credit card or prepaid amounts paid from your primary checking account. You may also have the option to reload the account when it reaches a specific amount. This is a recommended practice, saving you the embarrassment of an invalid tag, and possibly a ticket for passing through without a valid tag.

EZ Pass tags are actually transponders. The transponder is also known as a Radio Frequency Identification System, or RFID. RFIDs are one of the fastest-growing technologies today. They are used for a wide range of purposes, from EZ Pass tags to animal identification. RFID uses wireless radio transmission to uniquely identify your vehicle, and uses contactless data links (the tag and the monitor) to transmit data identifying you seamlessly.

Once you have filled out all of the information requested on the EZ Pass form, you will be mailed a tag to apply to your car’s windshield. The tag should be installed directly above the hub of the rearview mirror, in order not to impede your vision in any way. The tag will come with self-adhering tape strips, backed with Velcro for easy installation and removal of your tags. Transferring your tag from one vehicle to another is simple. Simply apply the Velcro backed strips to as many vehicles as you own, and switch the tag as needed. Additional tags are also offered by EZ Pass, and you may have up to four tags for each account.

With your tag securely in place, as you approach a toll area, follow the signs which designate certain lanes for EZ Pass use. Slowly drive into the lane, approach the gate, and stop. Your tag will register, and a light will instruct you to proceed. In some states, stopping is not necessary, in others; you must still have the toll gate lifted. Make sure you know the rules for your state. And proceed out onto the highway, leaving the long lines and struggling for cash behind you.

Many airports are now beginning to use EZ Pass for paying airport parking fees. Simply drive up to the designated lane and either hand the attendant your tag, or allow it to be scanned by whichever device is available at that particular venue. Talk of using EZ Pass for sporting events and other high attendance events is in the air, and there may even come a time when traffic violations may be paid directly from the tag. RFID technology has made long lines a thing of the past.

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