How do you prepare for a Theatre audition?

How do you prepare for a Theatre audition?

Auditions can be nerve-wracking for the beginner. Have you ever watched someone give a wonderful audition and wonder how they did it? Well, a successful audition is easier than you think. It’s a combination of confidence, skill, and smarts. Use the following eight tips to move your auditions to the next level, and wow audiences and judges alike:

Dress Appropriately

No one is going to consider you for anything unless your appearance is exceptional. Men, always wear your best clothes, and something that shows off your character. Women, skirts or fitted pants are kosher, while tight and revealing outfits are generally looked down upon. While it’s important to get a sense of “who you are” across to the judges, it’s also important to look classy at all times.

Underneath everything, judges are looking for your character as an actor/actress. Therefore, if the character you are auditioning for is a street bum, wear a neat, edgy outfit that gives a sense of danger. If you are auditioning to play a prostitute, wear a sexy, well-covered dress, and so on.

Make Eye Contact

Unless you are auditioning for the role of a blind person, it is good to make eye contact with everyone, even the person who escorts you into the room. A confident look is preferable to an uncomfortable stare. Try to tell judges in your glance alone that you are more than capable of playing the part you’d like.

Prime Your Handshake

A good strong handshake, in any field, is a plus. Firm grips show that you are not afraid of much. A weak grip indicates uncertainty and nerves.

Watch Your Posture

Many people slouch into an audition with the air of apologizing before they have even performed. This will take points from your performance immediately. There is nothing worse than you yourself telling the judges that your performance needs to be apologized for. Throw your shoulders back and speak in a loud, unwavering voice. Practice this repeatedly on your friends, until it comes naturally.

Be Organized

Although actors usually stick with urban, bohemian looks, a classy hint of the professional world will give you a wonderful edge. Consider carrying a black leather binder with your resume and photo inside. Type up your performance experience before reaching the audition, then attach it to your biographical sheet, if one is provided.

Choose Repertoire Carefully

It’s not uncommon for people to choose audition materials or roles that are out of their reach. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of singing something other than what you are suited for. Remember that many people usually audition for one role, and chances are they are suited to the kind of part they want. This tips the odds away from you. A carefully planned audition will impress even the most seasoned judges.

Keep a Poker Face

Just like in a card game, the less expression you show, the more respect you will get. There’s something about an impassive face that leads watchers to assume the best. If you’ve done badly, don’t give a single hint. You can’t have any idea what judges are thinking, and if you indicate that you are not happy they will assume that you’ve badly as well. If you’ve done well, control your elation. No expression will indicate that this is a common thing.

Don’t Look Back

Even if your audition was the most amazing audition in the world, walk away like you are used to that sort of thing. Don’t thank judges excessively. Once you are finished performing, judges will be itching to put down notes of your performance on paper. Don’t hold them up.

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