How do you organize a bowling party?

How do you organize a bowling party?

A bowling party is a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Here are some ideas for a successful bowling party.


The invitations can be done on a computer. Some ideas include:

  • Have a Ball!
  • Bowling in Another Year!
  • Let the Good Times Bowl!
  • Meet You in the Alley!
  • Party in the Fast Lane!

The inside would give the details of the date, time, place.


Speak with the management of a local bowling alley to reserve some lanes for the party. Discuss the menu since most bowling alleys have food service. Some bowling alleys have private rooms for parties. In this case, you can serve a meal before or after the group bowls. Saving the meal for later allows you to distribute prizes at an “Awards Banquet” when everyone has finished bowling.

Since bowling alleys often fill up later on the weekend nights, you may want to plan your party for 6 p.m. Guests can bowl first, for an hour or hour and a half. This can be followed by the Awards Banquet in the private room. This plan allows you to leave the lanes when the bowling alley starts to get busy.


Talk to the bowling alley about turning the lane lights off for one game. Bowling in the dark is a fun and unique activity.

Play one game using a “No Tap” scoring method, where new bowlers get scored a “strike” for knocking down just 8 pins, and more seasoned bowlers score a “strike” for knocking down 9 pins.

You can have competitions, such as men vs. women, couples competing, or break down guests in terms of their last names. In other words, one big competition could be A-K versus L-Z.

Three games of bowling is plenty, especially for new bowlers, so plan to have each person bowl three games at the maximum.Try to schedule three or four people per lane, or it will take too long to bowl.


At the Awards Banquet following bowling, serve hors d’oeuvres as people arrive. Not everyone will finish at the same time so it is good to offer a refreshment while they wait for others to finish.

Prizes can be for:

  1. Lowest game
  2. Lowest cumulative score
  3. Highest game
  4. Highest cumulative score
  5. Strike it Rich Award for person with the most
    strikes (this gift could be cash)
  6. Spare Change Award for person with the most spares (this could be a piggy bank filled with coins)
  7. Team Awards (if you set up teams) for the highest-scoring team, lowest-scoring team.
  8. Turkey Award (for those who get three strikes in a row — can be a chocolate turkey)
  9. In the Gutter Award (for the most gutter balls) – this can be a special certificate
  10. Fastest Ball Award — (for the speediest ball traveling down the alley – can be a trophy)
  11. Slowest Ball Award — (for the slowest ball traveling down the alley – can also be a trophy)
  12. Best Dressed Award — (for the one who looks the most fashionable in the bowling shoes — this could be a shoe store gift certificate or a pair of neon shoelaces, depending on your budget)
  13. No Tap Awards (highest score) for the No Tap Games
  14. In the Dark Awards — (for the bowlers with lowest scores in the “lights out” game — prize can be a light bulb for the lowest score. The highest score in the “lights out” game could receive a pair of funny sunglasses to wear while bowling!)
  15. Secret Number Awards — (pick a number at the beginning of each game and if a bowler bowls that number, he or she gets a prize)

Bowling parties have potential to be very successful — a sure way to strike it rich with your friends.


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