How do Muslim women dress

Muslim women dress

Dress code is a broad term that refers to the civilization and cultural status of a nation or society. The care of the human heart, personality, and climatic conditions are important.

Islam honored women first and made them a source of pride in society. Hijab is a sign given to protect Muslim women from the eyes of others. At first, a large chador was used as a hijab, which later took the form of a burqa.

Now, this tradition has changed a lot and it has changed to modern gowns and scarves. While the use of scarves is increasing. According to a survey, the majority of educated women in Pakistan prefer scarves. Many working women and university and college girls, in spite of the race to become modern, prefer to wear a scarf or hijab because of their religious affiliation. does.

As Muslims, we cannot separate the Qur’an and Sunnah from our lives. Ruling on hijab for women is divine and in many places, women have been instructed to wear hijab in the Holy Qur’an. In the 1980s, Pakistanis tended to go to Saudi Arabia to work, and they were a bit intimidated by Saudi culture, so the men who lived there would wear their abayas to their wives.

In this way, the women used to wear the abaya of the Emirate as a symbol. An interesting fact is that many girls use scarves as a fashion. They believe that it gives them a sense of social security and protects them from unwholesome and dirty eyes. This is largely true. Even in ordinary life, we ​​have observed that girls working in offices whether it is women serving in large institutions, scarves, abayas, or chadors taken with beauty, also enhances their honor and respect and has a special place for them in the eyes of those who see them.

The personality of the girls who wear scarves also has a sense of dignity. Due to the high religious tendency in some families, girls are pressured to wear hijab in all cases. But according to the survey, most of the girls believe that they wear hijab of their own free will. Wearing a scarf on their head makes them feel safe.

One girl says she started wearing the hijab because when she leaves the house wearing a scarf, from the shopkeeper to the bus driver and from the clerk to the businessman, they see her at work and in a meaningful way. Do In this way, she avoids the persecution of men to some extent.

The rate is higher. In institutions where boys and girls study together, girls say that wearing a scarf or full hijab enables them to read their class more confidently and they do not have to worry about getting their hair straightened or their clothes fixed again and again. In this way, she is able to give time to listen to the teacher and take notes with full confidence.

Many students say that I am not under any kind of pressure from my family. I feel confident and secure, and I am glad that I have gladly obeyed the will and command of my Lord, the Most Merciful. Not only that, but it reflects true femininity. Character maturity is equally important for both men and women.

Every member of society represents his community. In the same way, every Muslim is an ambassador of Islam. Therefore, his dress, lifestyle, accent, every action is not limited to this person only, but he is called the style of the entire Muslim Ummah. In the same way, the scarf or hijab signifies purity.

When a woman wears a scarf or hijab, society also attaches some expectations to her. She is elevated to a higher level of character. A university student wearing a hijab says that people think that girls wearing hijab should not be more social, should not talk to people more, should not participate in any mixed singing party in the university.

They expect us to become superhuman. Similarly, another girl says that I have never had any problem after wearing a hijab. However, people feel respect for themselves If society has good expectations of us then mine thinks this is a positive thing. I think if we are representing our religion then we should do our best and make our dress, manners, and habits the same, then it is not a difficult task when our training is the same. And there are downsides.

When any law is made, three kinds of people come to the fore. One is those who believe in it, the other is against it and the third is those who find a middle ground. Similarly, in Muslim society, some women wear full hijab. There is a third type of them, they use scarves or burqas as fashion or to hide their identity.

Sometimes some women and girls do things behind the hijab, which makes it difficult even for those who wear the right hijab. Said the women wear scarves or full hijab, we look at them with respect but there are some people who misuse hijab like if you see women stealing in the market, etc. they are usually in a burqa, etc. We trust them but by stealing like this they not only tarnish their honor but also the name of the hijab.

College and university girls also use hijab, scarf to hide their identity that Even if they are part of the activities, they do not show it to any extent. For this reason, all veiled women are viewed with suspicion and they face some difficulties. It is not at all appropriate to use a pure and religious duty like hijab for deception.

A Muslim woman wears a hijab, a scarf, because it is a divine command and the Holy Prophet, has instructed her and of course, covering the head of women in chastity, modesty, righteousness. It is a symbol of attitude and faith.

If a girl or woman is wearing a headscarf or a full hijab, she has a moral obligation to adhere to the religion of Islam she represents and not to be a part of any activity that would cause people to Be compelled to look at the pure thing with skepticism

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