How do I start a babysitting service?

How do I start a babysitting service?

If you are a teenager who baby-sits or if you know one, then this baby-sitter survival kit will help you be more successful. The kids you baby-sit will be begging their parents to have you baby-sit next time they go out.

Any duffle bag will work for a babysitting bag. You can personalize it with fabric paints. Write “Baby Sitting Survival Kit” and decorate it as you wish. Or, you can use a box with a handle.

Now, fill your babysitting bag with fun things to do with the kids. The toys can be simply because a new toy or simple game is really exciting when it is pulled out of a babysitter’s survival kit. But, keep in mind that the things you put in it should not be messy. Parents do not like to come home and find paint on their carpet. Make sure there is a wide variety of things to do for all ages. If there are small children you are babysitting, keep the bag out of their reach while you are babysitting them.

Kids love to make necklaces. Get some beads and lanyard or yarn. Let the kids string the beads and make necklaces and bracelets. This is an activity for children 4 and up. Of course they will want to keep what they make, so make sure to use beads you don’t care about.

Bubbles are fun for kids of all ages. Bring a few small bottles of bubbles, then go outside and blow them together.

Puzzles are always a hit. Buy a few inexpensive large piece puzzles for little kids and harder ones for bigger kids. This is a great quiet activity that will calm them down if they get wild. It also takes up a big chunk of time.

Coloring books are fun and a new one makes it interesting even for kids who don’t like to color. Have the kids color a page and leave it in the book. Have them put their signature and age on it. When you go to baby-sit other kids they can see the cool work other kids have done and get excited about their own work. Be sure to tell them about the other kids you babysat who colored it. And tell them before they begin coloring that you want to keep the picture in the book to tell other kids about them.

Paint with water books. This activity is for kids 3 and up. It is the fun and the cleanest method of painting. Purchase these books in the toy section; all they require is a small bowl of water and a paintbrush (or cotton swab). The paint magically appears when water is brushed on it.

You can also bring books to read to them. A new book is always fun for a bedtime story.

You can also bring

Bring videos for them to watch. Make sure you ask the parents if it is okay.

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