How do I make my own business cards?

How do I make my own business cards?

Whatever your reason for deciding you want to make some business cards, either for work or home, make it as fun as you can and bask in your creative results.

First and foremost, think of what message you want people to receive when they look at your card. Should your name and credentials stand out or is the service you offer the primary focus? Once you decide your intentions, start designing your card with that area first.

A typical business card states a business name at the top and what is offered just below it. If that is what you want, look for a text font and size that will jump out at people. Depending on the program you use to design your card you will have the ability to make those letters curve or take another shape. Always keep in mind that the ability to read the words is more important than their impressive nature.

Once you have chosen your route of placing text, think of other graphics you might want on the card. Though you may have many you think are appropriate, too many things going on in one card can make it less effective in appealing to people.

Better to choose just two graphics or one border rather than both. The standard size business card does not offer enough room to do both and have room for names as well.

Look for two graphics that can coordinate in color and that compliment each other. For example, on a breastfeeding support card, you could have two color graphics of babies and it would look nice together versus one color and one only a black and white outline.

For borders, matching the color, if there is one, of the card itself is necessary unless you are looking for contrast as your appeal to people. A very thick border goes well with less text in the middle. That way the border is eye-catching. So if you want to advertise your floral shop, a nice floral border with the name, phone number, and address of the business inside would look nice. You are advertising your flowers with the name and getting your point made.

Other thoughts with cards are choosing the color of the card. Some pre-made business cards that come in perforated sheets from office supply stores offer a range of color on one card. Such a card needs only one-color text or graphic to look nice. Too much color can be distracting and turn off interested people. And how those colors on the card are placed is important too. If there is a rainbow of colors arching across the card, look to put your text in areas other than where the colors are. For example, place your text underneath the rainbow for best results.

However, you choose to do your business cards, keep in mind your audience and the main focus of the card and you will find people remember you and your business better.

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