How do I knot a necktie royal crown style?

How do I knot a necktie royal crown style?

You may be the only person in your general vicinity wearing your tie so well once you learn this knot. The Royal Crown Knot is a fantastic knot for neckties. It is secure, easily tied and untied, neat and handsomely worn. It is highly unlikely to wrinkle the tie during tying or untying.

How to tie the Full Royal Crown Knot.

To tie the Full Royal Crown Knot, drape the necktie around the neck. Size up where you want the tie to hang, usually just above the belt. Now let the tie hang about six inches below where you want it to hang when done or, in this case, six inches below the beltline. Now wrap the larger end of the tie around the smaller and come up behind and through the neck of the tie. Now wrap it around the smaller end twice again and come up through the neck once more. Now come down through the middle layer or below the middle wrap of the 3 wraps completed around the smaller end.

As you pull this end down, push up on the knot, tightening it. To make sure the collar properly covers the portion of the tie that is around your neck, bring this portion of the tie level to the upper thread of the neckline of the collar. Pull the collar, which has been up, down around the tie by the points on each side. Now flatten the collar all-around by working your fingers along with it inside and out simultaneously. Tighten the tie again and you should be ready to go.

To tie the Half-Royal Crown Knot, proceed as follows.

Begin the same as for the Full Royal Crown Knot. The second wrap around only go around once. Then bring the tie down under the top wrap of the knot. Continue from there as with the Full Royal Crown Knot.

Here are some obvious embellishments to the Royal Crown Knot.

The wrap around is the key. Try wrapping the tie twice, then through the neck hole, then once and finishing it off. Try wrapping once, then through the neck and three times around and going through the bottom wrap of these three wraps at the end. Try leaving the knot a bit looser after this, or tight on the wrap that locks the tie in the knot and loose on the remaining wrap or wraps for a formal yet casual look that is neat.

Additional pointers for finishing off this knot.

To keep the smaller tail of the tie hidden without a tiepin, run it through the maker’s label behind the larger tail of the tie. To keep the tie against the shirt without a tiepin, run the smaller tail inside the shirt around one button and back out before sending it down through the maker’s label.

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