How do I get better at waiting tables?

How do I get better at waiting tables?

Being a good waiter or restaurant food server is not just a job but takes talent, a positive up beat personality and clear thinking. From the time your customer has a seat at your table you need to start a time clock, first notice their age. Most older people like to have a glass of water, even if they order an alternative drink.

From the time they have a seat, you should get to them within 60 seconds to let them know you are their server, drop off the water and take an order for that alternative drink and tell them what specials are being offered for the day. Tell them that you will be back in a few minutes to take their order. Now they have a drink in front of them and feel a personal satisfaction that they are being cared for.

Always approach the table with a smile on your face, a neat and clean uniform, and ask if they are ready to order. You can usually tell if they put down the menu or are holding one page open. Always ask if they want an appetizer. Serve soup or a salad before the main meal and then take their food order. If there are more then two people at the table you may want to make an order from left to right so when you bring out the food you can serve it in that order and you don’t have to ask who gets what.

While the food is being cooked you should bring out the condiments for the food that they ordered, appetizers, and any soups or salads. If you have the time you may want to try to strike a conversation, ask how they are doing, if they live in the area, comment on the weather but keep it general. If they want to bring up more go with it, but don’t talk about personal issues. Keep a close check on their food and always excuse yourself if you have to leave their table.

When their food is ready serve it from their right side, make sure the order is complete, and remove any used dishes so that there is more room on their table. Ask if there is anything else that you can get for them and then remove yourself so that they can eat in peace. Go back to the table after a few minutes and ask if everything is to their satisfaction.

Watch the table and as they finish their food. Remove their plates, make sure that their drink glass never drops below ¾ of the glass before you ask if they want a refill, try not to make them have to ask for anything, or to look for you. A good server is always on the floor tending to the tables and the needs of the customers.

After they have completed their meal find out if they want dessert, tell them what you have to offer and you can even show them what you have. Lots of time seeing it sells the dessert when they may have passed otherwise. After all is said and done bring them the bill, set it in the center of the table unless they reach for it and thank them for dining with you and that you enjoyed their company. Welcome them to return anytime.

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