How do I buy a diamond ring?

buy a diamond ring

Choosing a diamond is as important as learning how to buy a diamond. Understanding diamonds requires knowledge of four C’s: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

Cut: Diamonds can be cut in several shapes, like oval, marquise, pear, princess, or round. It is the quality of the cut that gives the stone its brilliant sparkle.

Color: Best color is no color. Colorless diamond allows white light to pass effortlessly through it and be dispersed as lovely rainbows of color. The best grading color is, *D, E, and F.

Clarity: This refers to a diamond’s lack of naturally occurring inclusions and imperfections. The fewer inclusions and imperfections a diamond has, the more valuable it will be.

Carat: This refers to the weight of the stone. There are 100 points to a carat. Therefore, a diamond of 50 points weighs one-half carat.

Other important factors of a diamond: These are the settings of a diamond, that secures the diamond to metal, it is an integral part of the ring’s overall look.

Prong: The prong is the most popular setting. A prong is a narrow piece of metal that folds oval the edge of the diamond to support it. This will elevate a diamond setting more than any other setting. It is often used more with solitaires.

Bezel: The bezel is a band of metal presses around the edge of a diamond. The top of the stone is flush with the top of the metal. This is a modern, trendy look.

Channel: Smaller stones are closely set in a row between two metal walls. No metal appears between the diamonds. Channel settings often include square and baguette stones. They are frequently used in engagement bands or as a side accent to a center diamond.

Invisible: Though quite expensive, the effect of this setting is of brilliance unfettered by metal. This setting employs larger, princess-cut diamonds. Calibrated stones with slits are placed into a frame with ridges to hold them in place.

Tension: The center stone appears to be suspended in mid-air. Light refraction is maximized and the sense of airiness is unmatched.

Bar: the bar setting is preferred for men’s rings because it can be modified to accommodate a wide range of diamonds. This setting is attractive and secure.

Finally deciding how much to spend on a diamond engagement ring is a very personal decision based on income, lifestyle a personal taste.

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