How can I work from home as a mom?

How can I work from home as a mom?

Since the first days of women’s lib moms have been confronted with the decision to pursue their careers in the working world or to “stay-at-home” and fulfill their roles as dutiful mothers. These days flexible parents have a few more choices.

Doors are opening as many companies recognize that more and more families are opting to keep a parent at home instead of sending the kids off to daycare. With so many single parents in the work force and as dad’s role in the home changes, telecommuting is more available than ever. Gone are the days of bogus envelope stuffing schemes and craft projects that never pay off.

Telecommuting has been the long-awaited answer hard-working families have been waiting for. From typing jobs to computer programming to Internet surfing earning a check through the mail (or even on the web) has gotten a lot easier.

The first step is to find a marketable skill. To get an idea of what kind of skills are marketable, start with a database search for online, freelance, or telecommuting jobs. Steer clear of sites that try to sell guides or instructions to working at home or on the web. You’ll be better off putting your energies into sites that have actual job listings.

Many companies contract artistic talent—writers, artists, and photographers because to employ these artists full or part-time can be costly. It’s more cost-effective to hire out per project. Contracting clerical support online is becoming more and more popular as well. Internet human resource companies are also available, acting as World Wide Web headhunters.

Use caution with new clients. Until a timely paycheck comes through it’s advised that you limit the work you do for a company. Although there are many reputable companies advertising on the market, there are always some that will try to get something for nothing.

A realistic outlook will help success. Don’t expect that you’re going to replace your $50,000 income overnight, unless you’re planning replacing your present employer with one that will allow you to work from home. Plan ahead and prepare for a lull in your income for a few months. It takes some time to develop a regular flow of freelance checks.

You’ll find that organization is key. The more organized you are, the more work you will be able to accomplish. Working from home means that not only will you be your own boss, but you’ll also be your own secretary.

It’s important that you understand the risks involved. Contract or freelance work isn’t easy, and you’ll find that a big part of your new work-at-home job description will be to keep finding more work in order to keep the checks rolling in. The pipeline must be kept full. This is great for people who enjoy challenges and earnestly don’t mind looking for new work all the time.

The upside is that for the most part you will be able to pick and choose your jobs and you’ll never again get caught up in the monotony of doing the same thing every day. You’ll also be saving money when it comes to childcare and other expenses like transportation. Most importantly you will be building the foundation to a strong family with roots in the home.

The upside

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