How can I spice up my love life?

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So you’ve just met that special someone and you want to show them how much you care?

Or maybe you’re married and you just want to break the routine and rekindle that spark you had as newlyweds. Why not try aphrodisiacs?

Sure, we’ve probably all heard about rhinoceros horns, snake blood, monkey brains, and such but what average person actually has access to that stuff? In all honesty, most people wouldn’t want to have these things in their homes. So maybe you want something simpler, something you can pick up at the local grocery, something easy to prepare. But you don’t know where to begin.

An aphrodisiac is defined as “causing or increasing sexual desire”. Perhaps you are just looking to increase your own sexual desire, boost your self-esteem, make yourself feel sexier. Or maybe you’re looking to spark a little love flame in your significant other. Whatever you’re hoping to accomplish, with so many things out there to choose from you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

A great way to start any evening is with dinner, so why not add a little aphrodisiac to your meal? One basic rule in selecting foods is to be sure it looks expensive. This signals to the other person you must care a lot for them. According to common wisdom, almost any seafood works well, especially oysters and clams. Many nuts and fruits such as grapes, pine nuts, ginkgo, betel nut, walnut, quince, and a fruit called coco-de-mer closely resemble a certain part of the female anatomy and are also very stimulating when consumed.

Several vegetables such as beans and peas, celery, asparagus, fennel, leek, onions, radish, and truffles have also been known to act as aphrodisiacs. Mushrooms are by far the favorite vegetable. There are many different kinds, each with its own story and purpose.

Spices are great to add flavor to your food but many can also be aphrodisiacs. Asafoetida, also known as devil’s dung, ferula, or hing, is a light brown powder and has an unusual taste, you either love it or hate it. According to traditional Indian herbal medicine, Cardamom seeds boiled with milk are a great remedy for impotence and premature ejaculation when taken together with honey. Cloves, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, pepper, saffron, vanilla, and just plain table salt are also used. Some herbal spices include mint, rosemary, salvia, and thyme.

Foods should also be light and not leave you feeling over-stuffed. Having a bursting gut will make you feel very unsexy and it leaves you feeling sluggish.

You can find recipes on the internet or in one of the many books out there. Some to check out are: “Herbal Love Potions: The Magic & Ritual Uses of Aphrodisiac Herbs” by W.E. Lee and Lynn Lee, “Food as Foreplay: Recipes for Romance, Love and Lust” by Ellen Albertson and Michael Miracle, and “Aphrodisiac Cooking” by Bruce Carlson.

What about scents? Perhaps you want some candles or incense burning in the background and a little something to apply to yourself. Jasmine has long been known for its effects, it is considered a great cure for frigidity in women. Other great scents are sandalwood, cinnamon, and frankincense. Some people like to use raw eggs as a massage lotion. Only you can decide what will work for you.

But probably the number one aphrodisiac is your own state of mind. If you feel sexy, you will be sexy. This will, in turn, cause your partner to feel sexier. Think sexy thoughts or talk dirty to your partner. Some couples like to use toys or play a game as foreplay. You could call your partner at work during the day before your special evening and give him a preview of what’s to come. Or put a love letter in his pocket or briefcase.

Buy a sexy new outfit to wear or some lingerie, whatever makes you feel you look good. Get your hair done, or a manicure. You can even give each other a sensual massage. All the preparation for what you know is going to come will be an aphrodisiac in itself.

Just remember to relax, be confident, and keep in mind why it is you want to do this. What is it that attracts you to this person? Put yourself in a sexual mood and then just let it flow. And remember to have fun, because that’s really what it’s all about

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