How and why to use a ceramic hair tool

How and why to use a ceramic hair tool

Is your hair curly or wavy? Does it frizz when the weather is humid? Have you always wanted to have straight hair? Have you ever wondered how your favorite stars go easily from curly to beautiful, straight hair? A ceramic hair tool can make your hair straight and silky, with no signs of frizz. Good quality ceramic hair tools can be purchased at beauty supply stores from various prices under $150.

Ceramic hair irons consist of two ceramic plates and a handle and resemble a large pair of tongs. The irons come in different sizes and some have more than 20 adjustable temperature settings. The hair is put between the plates, which use ionic and infrared technology to moisturize and straighten. Unlike the metal straightening irons of past times that could burn and damage your hair, the ceramic hair tool leaves hair in healthy condition by locking moisture into the hair cuticle.

Other advantages of using ceramic plates rather than metal are that the ceramic heats evenly, heats up very quickly, and can be heated to very high temperatures; hair breakage is also less because the plates are very smooth. Follow these instructions to straighten your hair with a ceramic hair tool.

  1. Wait until after your next shampoo to straighten. Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would.
  2. Put straightening serum on your hair. When you purchase the ceramic hair tool, ask for advice on which serum to get for your hair type. Read the directions on the bottle to determine how much serum you should apply. Make sure to spread the serum the length of your hair, as you rub it in with your hands.
  3. Blow-dry your hair, using a brush to pull out the hair as you dry; make it as straight as possible. Dry until your hair is almost dry, but still a little damp. At this point, your hair should be straighter than when wet, but still a little frizzy.
  4. Set the ceramic hair tool on the lowest setting to start; the tool will heat up very quickly. If you have a perm, have colored your hair, or have dry, damaged hair, use one of the lowest settings. If your hair is healthy, you can use a higher temperature setting. Experiment with different settings to find the right one for your hair.
  5. Begin at the front of your hair; take a section of hair, about 2”-3” wide, and put it between the plates of the hair tool, then pull the tool down the length of your hair, from top to bottom. You may want to use clips to pull back some of your hair if it’s long, so you can concentrate on one section at a time.
  6. Go on to the next section of hair, repeating the process. Continue running the tool through small sections as you go all the way around your head. You may have to repeat the process with sections that do not appear totally straight after one pass with the tool, especially on longer hair.
  7. After straightening all of your hair, go around your head and straighten the ends again. Start a few inches from the end of your hair and pull the straightening tool all the way down past the ends. If you have bangs, straighten them also.
  8. If you want the ends of your hair to flip up or under, experiment with the hair tool to achieve the look you want. Some of the irons have curved edges for added styling ease.

After straightening with the ceramic hair tool, your hair will remain straight until your next shampoo (or until your hair gets wet), and then you can redo the process to have straight hair again. Surprise your friends with your new straight look; you will have many new hairstyle options when you use a ceramic hair tool.

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