housewarming party

It’€™s so exciting to move into a first new home that people forget all that it entails. What used to be a €œfully-equipped€ apartment kitchen can now easily fit into two cabinets. That stocked dorm or apartment pantry now takes up an entire row in a pantry closet. And all of that furniture that once looked so crowded in the previous abode makes it look as if the new home is going for that sparse, minimalist look. No doubt your friends who are throwing a housewarming party will say they do not expect any gifts, but it is always nice to welcome a new family into a new home with a little something. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. A traditional and symbolic basket of bread, wine, and salt are often given as a gift. The saying, often attributed to a German proverb, is “Bread, so you€™’ll never go hungry. Salt so you’ll have good luck. Wine so you’ll never be thirsty.
  1. If you know the new homeowners like to drink beer or liquor, different types of glasses are always appreciated, like a martini, margarita, or pilsner glasses. Along with the type of glasses you choose, why not throw in its corresponding liquor: vodka for the martini glasses, tequila for the margarita glasses or beer for the pilsner glasses.
  2. Gift certificates to stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens ‘N Things are always appreciated. Or why not get them a gift certificate to the local grocery store so they can stock their new oversized pantry or refrigerator?
  3. Kitchen items like coasters or large platters for entertaining are also great gifts. For the couple who might soon be getting their first barbeque grill, why not buy a set of grill tools.
  4. A fresh bouquet of flowers in a beautiful vase would serve two purposes: 1) an instant decoration for the housewarming party itself and 2) a vase to be used for years to come.
  5. A new scrapbook would be a great gift for the new homeowners so they can begin a pictorial archive of their new life in their new home.
  6. Most people love the look and smell of candles around the house. Get a few scented pillar candles and mismatched candle holders for the new homeowners to put in different spots around the house.
  7. One of the best gifts we received when we moved into our new home was a large plastic laundry basket filled with our first set of toiletries and cleaning agents: shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, toothpaste, shower gel, anti-bacterial soap, dishwashing liquid, and anti-bacterial wipes.
  8. If the couple is coming from a smaller home or apartment, chances are they’ll need to purchase more of these three things: wastebaskets, towels, and bath sets. With any of these items, you will want to go with neutral colors so as not to clash with the colors they may already have. The bath set usually includes a soap dish, a toothbrush holder and a liquid soap dispenser. Just to be safe, you may want to ask the new homeowners what their particular style is before attempting to shop for these specific items.

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