How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs

Marmota monax, or simply Groundhogs are common problems of all gardeners and those hard workers that grow vegetables. These woodchucks will eat all your vegetables and leave your garden in a big mess. Here we have lots of useful information on how you can get rid of them once and for all.

This is a so-called Ammonia-in-the-hole method that is working very well on sunny days when groundhogs are coming out of their holes. You will need to take about two and a half cups of cloudy ammonia.

If you don’t have any cloudy ammonia, you can make it yourself using this recipe. Take a glass container with about a quarter cup of water. You will need to add about 2 tablespoons of soap or any detergent to the water and stir. Buy regular ammonia in pharmacies and add two cups of it to the bowl. This will be very close to cloudy ammonia, so it will work just fine.

After that pour the mixture into the hole and be sure to pour it very deep into the hole. Also, it will be good if you wear gloves when using this method. Leave the area so groundhogs could make their way out of their holes and into a new place far away from this. Usually, it happens very fast, if there were alone in the hole. If not, it takes some time.

You will need to observe occasionally that area to be reassured that they have left your garden once in for all. If not, repeat the process again. We repeat, do this only on sunny days so groundhogs could normally find their new home and leave your area. You will have to repeat this process until they are all left. Use about 15 hours or a day gap between repeating it.

Another method is called the Have-a-heart trap method. It focuses on capturing groundhogs in small cages and releasing them after that. This kind of trap can be found in stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. Traps are low cost so there will be no problem with finding one. Use a vegetable to lure groundhogs in and after that release them free in a forest that is far away from your living area.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs in Your Yard

Do you have groundhogs in your backyard? They are also called woodchucks, whistle-pigs, or land-beavers and their mission is to destroy your garden. Fortunately, you can stop this invasion and get rid of groundhogs. Follow the steps below and make groundhogs go away:

  1. First of all you need to wait for a sunny day, because it is easier to catch groundhogs when they come out of their holes.
  2. Mix Sudsy Ammonia with soap and add them in water.
  3. Pour this mixture into the groundhogs’ burrows. Don’t forget to wear gloves while performing this operation, because you can get an allergy.
  4. All the groundhogs will leave, because ammonia and soap are damaging their skin.
  5. If you see that there are still a few groundhogs, then repeat this process until the last one will go away.
  6. Motion for frighten the groundhogs and they will go away. Use CD’s, empty plastic bottles and cans, even old toys will do. Place around your garden and the groundhogs will be scared.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs Under Deck

Groundhogs are destroying your plants and making your garden look like it is after the bombing? Fear no more, because right now you are going to see how to get rid of those annoying creatures! Simply read the following steps and catch all the groundhogs:

  • First of all you need to buy a trap. It is called the “have-a-heart” trap and it has a low price. You need to measure 50 feet from the whole, where groundhogs live.
  • Place something yummy there such as apples, bananas, leaves.
  • Check at morning if there one or several groundhogs. Don’t hurt them and go in woods to release groundhogs. Note: a new area must be far from your house (2-3 miles).
  • Repeat this process if you want to catch them all. Also apply a human treatment with wild nature, because we need to live with it in harmony.
  • If the groundhogs have returned or called their friends, then don’t stop and place more traps near their holes.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs Under Shed

Gardeners always had problems with groundhogs. We have a good method that can help you with that. Read carefully so you will be able to perform these actions in your own area.

This method is called ammonia-in-the-hole. Remember to perform it ONLY on sunny days, so little friends could find themselves a new home.

Take about two and a half cups of cloudy ammonia. It is also called Sudsy Ammonia. We repeat, perform it only on sunny days. Pour this mixture into the burrow where this little groundhog lives. Be sure to wear a pair of gloves when doing this.

Leave the area alone for a while. Groundhog will feel a little bit dizzy and he will try to find himself a new home during the day. The process might take some time if there is a mommy with her children.

If activity still takes place, repeat this action again. You can repeat it every day but be sure to pour the substance deep into the hole, so the groundhog will surely feel the effect of it. This method is very helpful so we hope that you will do fine.

Getting Rid of Groundhogs Without Hurting Them

All of us, hard-working gardeners have one big problem – groundhogs. These small creatures are making our garden in one big mess, eating all the vegetables and ruining our work. But this article will help you to get rid of them. The most important thing is that we will not hurt them. This is an absolute humane method that is using a have-a-heart trap.

Be sure to check your state laws to be sure that trapping and relocation are an option for you. You can buy this low-cost trap at any Home Depot shop. It’s not expensive at all.

You will have to put it about 50 feet away from the hole, so the best will notice it for sure. You can lure them into this trap by putting some apples, bananas, or other fruits inside. These little guys love to eat this kind of stuff.

Trap will lock them inside so be sure to check in the early morning and early evening. Put on a pair of gloves and then put this trap with a groundhog in the box and in the back of your car. Release the little guy in a forest.

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