How to Get Rid of Gnats

How to Get Rid of Gnats

What are gnats ?

Gnats are tiny flies in the same category that includes midges, crane flies, and mosquitoes. They are frequently confused with many other kinds of flying insects. Considering their small size, There are various types of themes such as fungus gnats, black gnats, drain flies, midges, sand flies, and fruit flies. Gnats are often identified as ‘nats’ small-sized flies there Size About 2.5 millimeters long. Evidently, they look like a mosquito more than a fly. they have 3 body parts (the head, thorax, and abdomen), 6 legs, and either 1 or 2 pairs of wings and lengthy antennae. So what are gnats they are a pain in the neck pests indeed if they are so little it’s slimmer than the width of a quarter? gnats are seduced by stuff like fermenting fruit

Do gnats bite ?

Gnats can quite possibly be biting or nonbiting basing on the kind. Gnats may be located nourishing on plants, soil, fungus, other insects, or perhaps even on blood. They bite humans and animals to take blood from them. The bites are awful and frequently cause hypersensitive reactions, resulting in swell and itch. Potentially Risky but possibly to household plants and seedlings. See more: gnat bite first aid

Gnat infestation

They’re trustworthy and probably will not bite or hurt, but since they arrive in large amounts they can be certainly quite a headache. You’re most likely to spot drain flies near the kitchen sink and showers that are unmoving for a time
Gnats usually go out on their very own. On the other hand, if you have a really unpleasant infestation, it can require weeks of good watering methods before you get rid of all of them except if you also do an item to directly kill the bugs and bring down their quantities.

They get in into your home while looking for foods and nutrients; These creatures of small flies and other bugs can be handled and eliminated by applying several remediation methods. To get rid of gnat infestation Tidy your kitchen and eating} room routinely, clean up spills instantly and quickly wash used pots, dishes, and tools, Store fruit, primarily ripened fruit, in the freezer or fridge

How To Get rid of Gnats In Smaller Areas

If you have gnats in an amount that you think is not too bad then try to build a simple gnat trap yourself. You can easily get rid of gnats by following just a couple of simple steps and you should be fine again soon. They all require an empty jar filled with different fluids. Read more about the exact steps below. The thing is that with making a trap yourself you will only get rid of tens or maybe even a hundred of them. So most people kill them by applying this trick and place them in multiple locations.

For instance, if you have some gnats in your kitchen you could make 3 of these traps and position them in different corners. And that is exactly what we did. We prepared three jars and placed them at a distance of around 4 feet. When we checked just an hour later we had already caught about 50 of them (we didn’t count but there were definitely more than 10 in each jar). 12 hours after setting them up we had probably reached 100 or more. There are still a few crawling or flying around though, but definitely not a lot! We let our jars stay for another 12 hours and checked the results the next day.

There was hardly any different than the previous check we did 12 hours before that. But the good thing is that the last couple of gnats were also trapped and we absolutely could not find a lost one flying around. We emptied the jars and our problem was solved…at least, that is what we thought. That same day the first ones we already flying around in our kitchen again. And even though they were just a few, the next day they definitely hit an amount of 50 or more. And another day later they must have been more than a hundred again. So a long story short, it only took 2 full days to be back at the start! Were there some gnats hidden somewhere that we did not notice?

So what we did next to answer the question of how to kill gnats is to repeat the process. We prepared three new traps and positioned them at the same locations. After 24 hours we were satisfied with the results and emptied the jars. This time however we refilled them and placed them back again. And, you have probably guessed this, we did exactly the same thing another 24 hours later. So we were absolutely sure we had not left one or two gnats in some small corner somewhere. They must all have gone towards the jars by that time! We empties all and started to wait for the results. And unfortunately…after 24 hours they were back. Not that many, but a couple of them. And another day after that definitely 50 or more. What did we do wrong we thought? We started to read more online and found out that gnats like to hide in plants. Especially in the soils. After that, we also learned that they leave larvae in that soil. Did our new generation of these insects come from there? Most likely they did!

Another series of traps were prepared and we copied our second strategy by refilling the jars 3 times in total. This time however we made sure we got rid of all the plants in our kitchen and in our living room (they form one area in our house). And, what do you think? Big success! No gnats anymore! Even after a week. We off course made sure we cleaned the whole house and left no food or drink remainings in the kitchen. These are places where they like to hide too. But, now we did not have any plants in our house. Which was not what we preferred. Still, we have proved that you can kill gnats at home. But to be satisfied with the results you will need to get rid of plants. Which is one big downside of this method.

Anyways, below we will show you how we did it. It seems to be the best way to start. However, some people also had some good results with different products. That’s why we will tell you more about that too.

How to kill gnats effectively:

Method 1:

Method 1: kill gnats effectively

Find an empty jar. It can be any jar as long as it is not too big. You could also use a small glass.
Fill your jar with vinegar. This can be of any kind. Fill it somewhere between 50% and 75%. Definitely not more!
Get a piece of foil. For instance, the one you use for sealing a sandwich.
Pick tiny holes in the foil. Use a tooth stick to do this and make sure the gnats will fit through.
Position the jar close to your gnat problem
Wait and repeat the process

Method 2:

Method 2: kill gnats effectively

Again you will need an empty jar or glass.
Fill your glass with red wine. Any brand will do.
Add a couple of drops of soap and mix it with the wine. Dishwashing soap will do well.
Place close to your gnat problem
Wait and repeat the process

There are more methods than just these two, but these seem to work best out of all the choices you have. Some people had some good results with orange juice and soap, or beer and soap. But we advise you to stick to one of the two methods we mentioned above.

Important notice

If you have plants in your kitchen or area close to your kitchen then this will probably not be the trick in the long term. If you don’t want to get rid of your plants but still need to kill these nasty gnats then please go ahead and read this review. That will solve your problem definitely!

How To Get rid of Gnats In medium Areas

So Why Would You Consider A Gnat Trap?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. If you already read our article on making a trap yourself you should probably be here with some basic knowledge. The problem with these insects is that they tend to repopulate very quickly. Besides that, they hide in corners and even more in plants. Making a trap yourself can be very effective if your bug problem is limited to a smaller room like your kitchen.

No access to your living room, no plants, no remaining foods or drinks, that kind of stuff. If that is the case then go ahead and build your own one. You will be satisfied. Most of our readers keep on sending us messages that they do everything as told, but after hours or days, they are back to the beginning. We ask them if they have plants and 99 out of 100 answers this question with yes! And that is exactly the issue that we try to discuss here.

If you have plants and you don’t want to get rid of them, then please understand that you will be having a hard time getting rid of these tiny bastards. Most of the soils offer a very pleasant living area for gnats and their larvae. You can not get rid of these! That is why below we will show you only the best gnat traps that are on offer online. We tried a lot of them and summarized our top 3 for you to make things a little easier. They all have the purpose to get your plant bug-free. So build your own trap, support your flowers or what you have with these products, and now you are taking power.

Hey, besides that you definitely don’t have to build a trap yourself if you don’t feel like it. There are traps available that do just the same thing! We will show you below which ones we had great results with and where to order them. Keep in mind that we selected them from our own little home experiments. These products helped us big time! But you can do some research yourself to learn what more is available. Often customer reactions can be of help to decide if you want to get a certain item.

Traps for your kitchen/living room/bedroom:

Support your flowers/plants/trees with one of these:


A combination of a trap in your kitchen (self-built or bought) must be combined with a floral trap in case you have some nature at home. If you don’t have any flowers or such then you can stick with the method to make one yourself. At all times be sure you leave no leftovers of your dinner around. The same goes for drinks, especially beers or wines are a big lure to gnats.

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