How to get rid of fruit flies

What are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are yellow-brown flies with eyes that are red and black rings along the abdomen. The females are usually 2.5mm long and the males are somewhat smaller. Notable for a quick reproduction cycle as well as high egg counts, a female lays approximately 400 eggs into decrying or rotting fruit or other substance like mushrooms. The eggs hatch within 12-15 hours with complete development time averaging 8.5 days. Under crowded conditions, the development time shortens considerably making an infestation fast happen.

Fruit flies and gnats are actually annoying particularly this time of year. We have found a strong way of getting rid of them quickly. Do not let the simplicity of the system trick you. This easy DIY system completely functions.

This quick, and simple method to get cleared of fruit flies, and gnats relies on regular things, and fixings you already have in your house. Go to any great lengths, or you will not have to buy any specific snares to use this. We’ll allow you to know upfront this system operates on fruit flies than gnats. Nevertheless, you’ll get some gnats too. The video describes the easy measures.

Apple Cider Vinegar And Funnel

Apple Cider Vinegar And Funnel

This one is among the very popular snares for additionally trapping fruit flies and getting rid and this could actually allow you to command the fly invasion. All that you should do is start off using some apple cider vinegar, which is perfect here because of the fermentation odor that attracts flies. You should warm the vinegar a little to ensure that the odor is improved. Alongside the vinegar, you’ll require a glass jar that is a little, funnel, and a little dish soap. Heat about 1/2 a cup of the apple cider vinegar and then place it in the jar. Your jar ought to be about 3-8 inches tall so the flies can drown in the same. In addition, you have to add some liquid soap to the jar, about 2-3 drops.

The soap helps in breaking the tension that is liquid on this means and top the flies will not be able to go off once the liquid is sat on by them. Next put it at the mouth of the jar and use a funnel. It’s possible for you to make use of tape. What occurs here although the jar is entered by the flies through the funnel but does not get out. Dispose of the jar as soon as they’re captured. This is supposed to be duplicated several times, till all the fruit flies are gone.

Intoxicated Snare

Intoxicated Snare

This snare is founded on the principle of finding the fly and yes it’s likely to get them intoxicated. There are lots of boozes that fly since they’re fermented get pulled also and red wine is probably one of their favorites. What you need here is a jar, made of plastic or glass, simply ensure the top is broad enough for the flies to go in. Along with this, you may again require some red wine vinegar and an overripe fruit or some cheap red wine. Just pour over the fruit as well as leave some at the base. Now just awaiting the flies to come and sit in the wine.

They just keep falling into the wine after which expires as the flies get intoxicated. Cover up and dispose of the jar. You need to use other kinds of booze here also like anything or white wine that you’ve at home. But avoid wasting money on high-priced wines, just use even or some more affordable variants of the ones that are leftover or spoilt.

Plastic Wrap

Plastic Wrap

For this particular technique overly you might be wanting some form of a product that is fermented to bring the flies alongside maybe a jar or a glass bowl. Keep in mind the fundamental theory here is the same to bring the flies into the jar but not letting them get out. It’s possible for you to use cling wrap or even plastic that is routine here, and make some fly-sized holes in them. Keep in mind that dot the holes but do not make them really broad or else the flies can get out. Once the flies settle into the vinegar or wine, they may be not able to get out. It’s possible for you to set a tape across the bowl or jar to ensure that flies do not get out. The plastic wrap must not be utilized in fresh fruit bowls or near the same because they’re going to get pulled to open fruits

Milk, Pepper And Sugar Trap

Milk, Pepper And Sugar Trap

This snare works well also and for applying this notion just take a pint of milk along with a few ounces of black pepper and about 200 grams of sugar. Blend together in a pan or saucepan after which let it simmer on low heat for around a quarter-hour. Then put them in shallow dishes or bowls and keep them around the home. Fruit flies are drawn to suffocate in the same and drown in it and this solution.

Keep one other in wet and humid places, one near the window and next to the fruit bowl. For this particular mouth to function nicely you can even set a few drops of liquid soap in the milk mixture. This makes sure the flies, which are striving to land do not fly away and get captured in the same.

Alternative Homemade Repellants

These only are a bane for your health as well as nourishment. What occurs here is that if you are utilizing chemical-based solutions for getting rid of these flies, you’re making the compounds permeate through the layers of fruits. Washing with biodegradable products will not work. Additionally, using all these substances leaves behind scent and scent, which can present difficulties when you have children around the home. It’s possible for you to make use of a spray produced from some water and lemongrass oil. This keeps fruit flies away but does not cause any damage. Other options are available here also like another essential oil or tea tree oil, which have a powerful smell however don’t cause any damage.

Keep your fruit bowl clean

As the fruit ripens it oozes small touches of juice that fruit flies LOVE. Ensure you routinely clean your fruit bowl out to remove this juice. This means not only disposing of overripe fruit but cleaning the bowl to eliminate any juice that is oozed. Fruit flies will be attracted by even a bit.

Clean your garbage disposal and dump your rubbish

Fruit flies like to check your garbage disposal and trash cans out for bites. Keep garbage disposal units clean and dump garbage daily.

Preventing Fruit Flies

Prevention strategies that are great just keep off your produce and fruit fly out of your house.

  1. Clean your produce when you get house, and keep it free or in a fresh tote, rather than in the plastic bag you got from the shop. Even better, take reusable, and jump the plastic bag completely produce bags to the shop alongside you.
  2. Cover your fruit bowl or shop fruit in the fridge. Sweet fruits are their favourite attractants, and its spoilage cans hasten.
  3. Do not place food or drink containers in waste paper baskets. Consistently take them to compost a kitchen can or recycling bin.
  4. Use, freeze or compost all overripe fruits and vegetables.
  5. Do not keep any vegetable or meat bits in your garbage can inside your house. Put your vegetable bits in a tote or freezer bag and place them in the deep freezer. You bury them in a compost pile need to make soup out of them, or keep them frozen in a sealed bag, and throw them away in an outdoor garbage
  6. Take your compost out. Any bits or leftovers you want to compost you need to take out right away. In the event you can not get them out right away, place in a bag in the freezer until you can. Ensure that that you bury your food bits in the stack and your compost pile is situated far from your house.
  7. Wash all dishes and clear the drains in your sink. You may also pour baking soda followed by white vinegar into your drains to kill any fruit flies that could be reproducing there.
  8. Do not leave wet dishrags in the sink.
  9. Clean the seals of your refrigerator door, the top and under the icebox. You need to particularly clean if it’s one, the evaporation pan.
  10. Clean under and about your dishwasher and range. Crumbs and food deposits are excellent fodder for more than fruit flies.
  11. Let the very first inch of the land in your houseplants to dry out before watering. Eliminate from the bud as they fall.
  12. Be sure to have great window and door screens. Keep these pests from flying in and taking up residence!

Physical Controls

Along with preventing them from getting in and removing their food sources, the most effective way to eliminate fruit flies would be to make use of a trap.

Fruit Fly Trap Recipe

Fruit Fly Trap Recipe


1-pint mason jar or 1 recycled baby food jar, with a lid if possible
hammer and standard nail OR ice pick OR plastic wrap, rubber band as well as a fork/skewer/toothpick


1/4-1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, wine, rancid beer, or bourbon (white vinegar does not function well)
A little bit of old, overripe fruit
2-3 drops of dishwashing soap (this breaks the surface tension of the liquid, which makes it difficult for the flies to escape)


  • For those who possess the lid for your jar and need to create a long lasting, spill-resistant snare, use an icepick or nail to poke at 8-12 holes into the lid. You would like to get the holes large enough for a fruit fly to enter, about 1/8 of an inch. (Do not worry, they’re too stupid to get out of such little holes, plus the dishwashing soap will help drown them.)
  • In the event you need to make a temporary trap or do not have the lid, use a piece of a rubber band and paper or plastic wrap to closely cover the top of the jar. Poke several holes using a fork, skewer or toothpick into it.
  • Fill the jar with about a half inch to an inch of apple cider vinegar, wine, beer or spirits. Stir in a couple drops of dishwashing soap, then put a tiny piece of overripe fruit into the center of the liquid. Make sure that the fruit is large enough to stick out of the liquid a little.
  • Set the snare (or traps) where you usually find fruit flies. Every 2-3 days, drop the contents of the jar down the drain or into the compost pile, and start again with a fresh vinegar mix.
fruit fly traps

You may also purchase fruit fly traps on the internet in addition to better garden shops. (Where to find online) These commercial snares are non-hazardous and function extremely good, but because fruit flies are so, well… fertile, their price may add up if you do not also set powerful prevention measures into position too.

With a mix of an excellent snare as well as prevention, there isn’t any reason to endure annoying fruit flies in your house anymore.

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