How To Get Rid Of Crickets

How To Get Rid Of Crickets

The Quick & Easy Way

So you want to learn how to get rid of crickets? I don’t blame you; those little buggers can be extremely annoying due to their constant, high-pitched chirp. In some cultures, especially Asian ones, they are considered to be good luck. But in my neck of the woods, they are a loud, unwelcome nuisance. That’s why I’ve compiled this quick guide on how to get rid of crickets. Here are the top seven tricks for quickly eliminating these pests:

To Get Rid Of Crickets: Top Seven Ways

(1) Cricket-specific bug spray. Most bug sprays will actually kill crickets even if they don’t explicitly state so. But there are certain sprays that target these bugs and seem to do a terrific job of destroying them. If your number one priority today is to learn how to get rid of crickets in your home then I would recommend heading to the hardware store and getting some targeted pest product. A lot of people have success with the “eco-smart ant and roach killer” that you see in the image off to the right. This is an eco-friendly bug spray that is “so-so” for other bugs but does a REALLY good job of killing crickets.

(2) Cricket bait & traps. This type of pesticide is best used outside the home but can be used inside under careful supervision. It becomes challenging when a cricket gets downstairs. If this happens, place some bait and traps down there and let your family members/roommates know that you are learning how to get rid of crickets in the basement and warn them not to tamper with the bait.

(3) Free homemade solution. Crickets are notorious for being attracted to the scent of molasses. Knowing this, all you need to do is put some in a dish, glass, or bowl and then fill it with water. The little buggers will jump in looking for the smell and end up drowning themselves. If they are getting in the house and you use this method, it will be pretty obvious that you were learning how to get rid of crickets in the house because the dead crickets will start piling up in your dish. I would recommend you empty it frequently. Seal Off The Home

(4) Sealing off the home. When I first started researching how to get rid of crickets in the house, I was amazed at how easily they were able to get in, even though the smallest of cracks. In order to flush them out, you first need to prevent more from coming in. Look for cracks and small openings in doors, windows, screens, garages, the foundation, fences, and anywhere else imaginable. You can close these openings off with a cloth, screen, or some type of hardware store product that releases a foam that solidifies after being sprayed.

(5) Clean up the yard. Getting rid of crickets is sometimes a small lifestyle change. You have to be cleaner, especially with your yard. Start by trimming bushes, grass, and extra-long tree branches. Clean out your garden, rain gutters, trash cans, and other open areas in the yard. Once the habitats that crickets love are gone, you won’t have to learn how to get rid of crickets because they won’t be coming around—they will go to the neighbors instead.

(6) Turn the outside lights off. Crickets are attracted to light. It wasn’t until I started researching how to get rid of crickets that I learned this. Once they find it they look for a dark place to hide and mate. By turning off your outdoor lights you won’t attract nearby crickets. This is a great technique, especially when combined with some of the tactics above.

(7) Get natural predators. Getting rid of crickets is sometimes as simple as allowing their predators to roam throughout your house and yard. Cats, lizards, birds, and spiders all kill crickets. Natural selection has taught them how to get rid of crickets. They are the pros, so let them do their work. But if you don’t want any of these guys around you then don’t worry, some of the other practices will work best for you.

(8) How to get rid of crickets bonus: Rake your garden and soil in the morning. Early in the morning, try going outside and raking through the garden and soil areas with some type of tool. This will expose the cricket eggs to predators which will gladly come and eat them.

Turning From How to Get Rid Of Crickets To ‘How To Cook Crickets’

Yep, that’s right, crickets can be a tasty snack. They are a delicacy in some countries. I’ve heard of people covering them in chocolate and eating them as a treat. In order to cook them, you first need to know how to get rid of crickets. And if you are daring enough to do so, then please avoid eating ones that were killed by pesticides; it’s not safe. Use the molasses method or some of the sticky traps that can be found at a hardware store. Once you have a batch of thirty or so, then dip them in warm chocolate and place them in the fridge.

Getting Rid Of Crickets: Interesting Facts

Most people that come here to learn how to get rid of crickets in the house are also amused by this facts section. If you are currently suffering from an infestation, then you already know that they will eat practically anything and everything. Clothes, food, trash, plants, wrappers, sacks, wallpaper, and wood are examples. And more materials have all been targeted by crickets.

I first wanted to learn how to get rid of crickets because of the noise they make, which gets more obnoxious at night. It turns out that what they are doing is rubbing their back legs together very fast and hard. That’s probably why if one of their legs gets destroyed they can grow a new one. The purpose of the noise is for mating and scaring off predators.

During the winter you will not have to worry about figuring out how to get rid of crickets in your house because they are won’t be out. They are docile during cold months and start to make themselves noticeable during spring, remaining active through the fall.

Summary Of How To Get Rid Of Crickets

Getting rid of crickets is pretty easy. Don’t let these guys get the best of you. Start by using some of my natural methods and then if that doesn’t do the trick, turn to the big guns and buy professional spray. Lastly, if you have read over my how to get rid of crickets site in its entirety and still have problems, then call a professional pest control company. If you have any other methods or products you would like to share with the community then please leave a comment below. I know from personal experience what a pain it can be when you are trying to learn how to get rid of crickets. Together, we will stop the suffering! Cheers.

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