How to get rid of runny nose

How to get rid of runny nose

What causes Runny Nose?

How to get rid of a runny nose? It is a very common question we all are facing in our day-to-day life! The main reason for a runny nose would be Cold. A cold is not a very serious illness, but having a cold for 5-8 days could prove something very irritating and frustrating.

First, it will start with a sore throat, then sneezing and mucus starts to flow out of the nose, and also you will feel feverish, clumsy, and especially tired. Besides coughing. your nose will be running. Your nose is blocked? Do you have trouble sleeping or breathing? Do you sneeze incessantly? You have a cold! In this post, we’ll be talking about simple and powerful home remedies for Runny nose, which will definitely help you to get rid of runny nose very fast, read on!

Natural Remedies for Runny Nose

Inhale Sage

In a pan, boil 1 liter of water with a handful of dried sage leaves. Then a blanket or towel on the head, breathe the steam for 5 minutes. Do this for 2-3 times until you get some relief from runny nose.

Essential oils

Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a pan of boiling water. Take out the pan and pour it to a different bowl. Now, put your nose above the pan, covering your head with a cloth (do with at most care so as not to burn yourself!) and then for inhale and exhale for about ten minutes, take a deep breath of the vapor of the solution.

Herbal teas

The tea thyme helps relieve diseases due to cold (cold, flu, aches, chills, sore throat), it can soothe sore throats and cough so you can breathe easier during the winter. Because it is rich in phenol, thyme, plant antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant, and stomachic, which has antiviral properties, is particularly effective against the common cold. It can be used effectively to get rid of a runny nose!

How to make?

In a cup of boiling water put two teaspoons of thyme.
Let it be on the stove for 5 minutes (after infusion thyme may become bitter!)
Sweeten your tea with a little honey, and also you can put half a lemon juice to it.
Drink 3-4 cups of thyme tea a day.


In a cup, cut 5 thin slices of peeled ginger, or grate the ginger and pour over simmering water. Let it boil for ten minutes. The longer you let infuse at the side more “spice” ginger emerges. Ginger is an amazing home remedy for a runny nose.

Filter (otherwise the it will taste too strong). Sweeten with honey if you want, it can make it sweeter than just drinking. Do this every day, if it is possible to prepare for every day ginger tea (no more than 4 cups per day) provided you do the the filter and pouring.

Plantain relieves cold and has an expectorant action. Plantain is a variety of bananas, and it is one kind that is less cultivated and available. It can be a good home remedy for runny noses, read on for how to use it to get rid of a runny nose.

How to?

In a cup pour boiling water over 1.5 g of dried leaves on boiling water and filter it.
Drink 4 cups a day Plantain.

Baking Soda Solution

Baking soda is a multi purpose home remedy item, which can be used for many other purposes like these other than cooking. It can also be used to get rid of runny nose.

How to?

  • Pour 1 liter of hot water in a bottle, add two tablespoons of salt, and a large teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Close the bottle and shake to mix well.
  • Fill a pear or a big dropper with this solution, and, over a sink while you obstruct a nostril with a finger, instill the liquid in the other directing the spray toward the back of the head.
  • Do not hesitate to spit out the solution if it flowed in the throat.
  • Blow your nose. Repeat, one nostril at a time, four times a day, especially before bed.
  • Blow your nose thoroughly after washing the nose.

Conclusion – How to get rid of runny nose

We really hope you guys liked these small home remedies for runny noses, and you can try these at home to get rid of runny noses effectively. Do share other tips on this topic, if you’re familiar with this, we will surely appreciate your support!

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