8 Most Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Open

Garage Door Won't Open


Due to their bulky nature, and the fact that they are permanently open and closed, garage doors are susceptible to all kinds of ugliness, the effects of which are affected by their free opening and closing. The following discussion shall explore the top reasons for garage doors not to open all the way up:

#1 Faulty Transmitters

Transmitters are the mechanisms by which the signals from the remote control unit of the garage doors are relayed to their intended receivers. Should they be faulty for whatever reason such as having the same frequency as that of a neighbor’s remote or those of other household electronic gadgets, this may affect the smooth opening and closing of garage doors.

#2 Faulty Motors

Motors are the components of electronic garage doors that generate the motion needed to open and close the garage doors. Any fault in them usually inhibits the smooth opening and closing of the garage doors.

#3 Misaligned Door Tracks

Door tracks are the paths on which the garage doors move to either open up or close down. Whenever there is debris or other obstacles within the tracks, the smooth opening and closing of the garage doors are considerably hindered.

#4 Misaligned Photo Eyes

Photo eyes are photoelectric sensors that are used to detect the distance, existence, or absence of an object by use of a beam of light transmitters mostly the Infrared radiation. In the event that the photo eyes are either misaligned or untidy, the smooth opening and closing of the garage doors are hindered to a considerable extent.

#5 Faulty Tension Springs

Tension springs are special springs that stretch out and in to allow the door to completely open up or close down. Should the springs encounter certain problems such as the loss of elasticity, breakages, corrosion, or warping, they inevitably affect to smooth opening and closing of the garage door.

#6 Faulty Cables

Garage door cables are special pieces of strings that wind and unwind to enable the garage doors to open and close smoothly. In the course of opening and closing the garage doors, these cables may break or become weak due to wear and tear. Such issues effect to a considerable extent the smooth opening and closing of the garage doors.

#7 Call for Action

Some degree of technical expertise is obviously required to effectively troubleshoot a garage door for all the aforementioned possible issues. Consequently, the services of a duly-qualified garage door maintenance company are by all means inevitable.

#8 garage door won’t open properly

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