How to fit children with cowboy boots

How to fit children with cowboy boots

Buying a pair of cowboy boots can be tricky, as you just never know if the people in the store will have any real knowledge in boot fitting, or if you are dealing with someone who just took the first part-time sales job they could find! The last thing a parent wants to do is waste what could be a good deal of money on a pair of boots, or anything for that matter, that their children cannot wear comfortably.

Your best bet is to find a store that regularly sells boots; you are more likely to find a helpful sales representative. Also, a store that carries well-known manufactures of children’s boots such as Justin, Old West, Durango, and Georgia Boot. Here are a few ideas to help your kiddo get the best fit.

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The afternoon is the best time to attempt boot shopping with your child to get the best fit. If you go in the morning your child’s feet will not be swollen at all and if they try them on at night the boots will be much too tight. If you buy them at night after a child has been running and playing all day there will be much swelling, leaving the boots too loose in the morning.

When you go to the store the first thing you should do is measure your child’s foot. A device to measure their feet with is usually provided by the store and even if it was just two weeks previously that their feet were measured you had better take a second look just to be sure! Next, you should take note of the shape of your child’s feet.

Some boots have a pointy toe and others have a square toe and you should select a boot accordingly. If you have a little girl who has a wide foot it is possible that she may have more luck finding a comfortable boot that doesn’t bind in the boy’s department, as they are usually made a bit wider.

Next comes the fun part, or the frustrating part depending on your child! Help them find a boot that corresponds to their tastes and foot structure. There are three basic boot types: lace-up boots which simply lace up the front, ropers which usually slip on and are usually a work type of boot, and western which are usually a bit more dressy and ornate. These style differences should be taken into consideration when deciding what is actually needed.

When your child has selected a pair to try, simply roll their pant leg up to the knee and help them pull the boots on from the top of the boot, preferably from the tabs. The child’s foot should slide it quite easily and there should be no binding.

The leg of the boot should be a bit loose and the seam should be on the snug side. Have your son or daughter stand up and wiggle their toes, as there should be enough room for them to wiggle their toes a bit when they’re walking.

If you’re buying a pair of leather boots for your child you might want to consider buying them a bit snugger than if you buy a synthetic pair as the leather will stretch. Leather is a bit more expensive but usually will hold up better and is well worth the extra expense if you think your child will be in the same size for quite some time.

With good care, a pair of boots can easily last until your child is in need of the next size up! Good care and a proper fitting ensure a comfortable and pleasurable wearing experience! Good luck!

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