Decorating ideas for your new year’s party

new year’s party

New Year’s parties are fabulous affairs.

The energy of a New Year’s party is unlike any other party thrown during the year. Everybody is anxiously awaiting one moment: the second the clock strikes midnight, signifying not only a new year but a new era of fresh opportunities and a chance to start anew. You may have your menu and drinks planned, but what about the decorations? Here are some tips on decorating for your next New Year’s party.

One of the least expensive items you can purchase for decorations is balloons. Choose only one or two elegant colors for your party, like silver, gold or black (or a combination of these colors). Be sure to have them filled with helium (or fill them yourself the day of the party, if you own a helium tank) the day of the party and scatter them around your living area (or whichever part of the house your party will take place in). Try to get enough balloons so they almost cover your ceiling. You will probably want to cut off any strings attached to the balloons, so they do not bother the guests.

On a central table or central wall, place or mount a digital clock that is synchronized to the correct time, so that everyone at the party can refer to that clock to see what time it is and how much time they have until the countdown.

Fill baskets placed strategically around the party area with noisemakers and fun New Year hats and bows. For a fun twist, put a few sticks of inexpensive lip gloss in the baskets for that New Year’s first kiss many of your guests will be having!

Since Christmas runs right into the New Year holidays, you will more than likely still have your Christmas lights hung or not yet packed away. Bring them back out again and string them around your house. If you have a staircase, interweave the lights through the banister. Hang the string of lights like garlands through your home. If you want to get a little fancier, use the lights to make designs on your ceiling or walls. For example, you can spell out Happy New Year in cursive on the wall using lights or create a net of lights on your ceiling to give a different type of lighting for the party.

One other way to use the Christmas lights is on the buffet table, or in the spot where you will be serving your appetizers or finger foods. Place boxes of various sizes on different parts of the table and string the lights on the table, amongst the different boxes. Cover the entire table with a white table cloth. You will now have a buffet table with various pedestals for the food. In addition, the lights will show through the table cloth, giving the buffet an elegant effect.

Buy inexpensive pillar candles of various heights from a crafts store or grocery store. Place them in small bundles (using various heights in the bundles) around the house. You can put one bundle in the guest bathroom and several bundles up on shelves or on the buffet table. This will give a splendid lighting effect for your party. However, be sure to never leave the candles unattended and remember to blow out the candles once the party is over.


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