Children and sports: how much is too much

Children and sports: how much is too much

If you have a school-aged child, you probably know that there are tons of activities and sports for them to be involved in. Many times, parents go overboard, or their children do, signing up for everything they can possibly jam into a day and living in the back of a mini-van driving from event to event.

Though it may give us a sense of pride to look at our little over-achievers excelling in several different sports and activities and filling our walls up with trophies, plaques and photos, too many activities can really stress a child out and isn’t school stressful enough?

If you have found yourself missing one child’s event for another or are getting frazzled yourself, it may be time to wonder what it is doing to your child. Children can excel in sports or activities like scouts and school at the same time.

Some kids are just powerhouses that can always be up and out for the challenge. Unfortunately, it isn’t good to always be going and kids need downtime where they can just be kids and play, no matter how competitive they may be.

Since there are many seasons of sports, a good rule to follow is two activities at a time, one activity that lasts all year like boy scouts, gymnastics, piano lessons, etc. and one sport.

Usually, sports don’t overlap too much as they are played in different times of the year if your child likes to play more than one he probably can. Two activities may sound like not enough, but your child will be better able to focus on those two activities and give more energy to school and plain old being a kid.

Watch for signs of a stressed out child like, grades falling in school, a child who is too tired in the morning, having to nag your child into getting ready for activities and an overactive concern for perfection.

Even though we may not mean too, often as parents we give the impression that they must achieve for us because we are depending on it! Give support and love, but never push and don’t let them take on more than they can handle.

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