How to Pack a Suitcase

Suitcases come in many shapes and sizes. People travel for business and pleasure. Whether you’re taking a knapsack or a Samsonite, traveling for two days or ten, you’ll need to pack a suitcase. The idea behind a well-packed travel bag is that it has everything you’ll likely need and your belonging will arrive unbroken, undamaged … Read more

How to fold a suit for packing

Everyone knows that the best way to travel with a suit is to hang it up… it avoids wrinkles, which can be one of the worst things you can encounter in a society where the clothes make the man. After all, how many times has some savvy businessman opened his suitcase after checking into a … Read more

How New York City got its nickname: Big Apple

Have you ever wonder how New York City got the nickname of the Big Apple? Did you know that New York City had many nicknames in the past? Some of the nicknames are so common that we don’t even know that they are nicknames. When the Indians first were living in New York, they gave … Read more

How to set up & decorate a picnic table

As spring weather approaches thoughts of picnics in the park or the countryside fill the minds of many. A lot of people purchase disposable plates and cups before going on a picnic but making your own picnic set eliminates the need and expense. One of many different things that can be used to pack picnic … Read more