How to remove rusted bolts

Accumulation of rust most often occurs on bolts and screws that are subjected to moisture, as well as the weather. So, you are going to find stuck, rusty fasteners most often on automobile parts, lawnmowers, fishing boats, and the like. The biggest problem with rust on bolts and screws is that it can make their … Read more

How to use a sandwich maker for the first time

Do you remember camping, and making hot jelly-filled pocket sandwiches in those iron tongs over the fire? Today, you can get the same results at home, with a lot less fuss and mess. Several manufacturers make sandwich makers, like the Toastmaster Snackster and other similar products. These are essentially very close to a waffle iron, … Read more

How to loosen a tight screw

Many do-it-yourself jobs around the home come to a screeching halt because of minor problems. One problem usually involves screws that can’t be removed. This could be for various reasons such as one that is rusted, or a screw that was tightened in a factory with an air tool, or what occurs many times, screws … Read more

How to fix a squeaky wheel on nearly anything

SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! It’s not a mouse infestation in your walls. It’s worse than that. Somewhere, a wheel is squeaking, and you’re ready to throw the offending object out the nearest picture window. The good news is that, in most cases, doing away with the aggravating noise is even easier than getting rid of a … Read more

How to fix a squeaky door jamb

SQUEAK! CREAK! That door has been driving you insane for days, and you’re finally to the point where you have to either do something about it or scream until your windpipe collapses. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do about squeaking doors. Most of these solutions are quick, easy, and cheap, so you … Read more

How to tighten a loose screw in metal

Do you have a hinge that is loose? Perhaps it’s a wobbly drawer pull or some other place where a loose screw makes you lifelessly convenient. Fix it yourself with a few basic items you probably have around the house. A loose screw in metal is caused by damage to the metal so that the … Read more

How to sharpen scissors and cutlery

The basic whetting, or sharpening, equipment for scissors and shears is an aluminum oxide bench stone, which is generally available at hardware stores. Brown in color, it is coarse on one side and fine on the other. A new stone should be soaked overnight in a pan of light machine oil. Store the stone in … Read more

How to sharpen your knife

If the edge of your knife has become dull and is not the great tool it used to be, it may be time for you to learn the basics of sharpening your own knife. Sure, you could take it to the local shop and have them put the edge back on it for you, but … Read more

How to use a wall stud finder

What are wall studs? In most homes you will find that behind plaster or other wall types there are wooden frames made up of strips called studs or wall studs. These were traditionally of uniform measurement such as 2 inches by 4 inches or 6 inches by 2 inches but as much else in construction … Read more

How to chop firewood with an axe

The smell of the forest, trees all around you, and the sound of chirping birds. Chopping wood brings out the primal man in you. And let’s be honest: isn’t it much more fun to chop your own firewood in the fresh air than to buy a ready-made bag at the hardware store? In any case, we can’t get … Read more