How do Muslim women dress

Dress code is a broad term that refers to the civilization and cultural status of a nation or society. The care of the human heart, personality, and climatic conditions are important. Islam honored women first and made them a source of pride in society. Hijab is a sign given to protect Muslim women from the … Read more

How to take a Japanese style bath

Japan is a volcanic country and natural hot springs are to be found throughout the islands. The Japanese love of bathing in hot springs goes back a long way. Not only are the baths a place to relax and to socialize, but the water is naturally full of minerals, which can treat a wide variety … Read more

How to find someone free of charge

The temptation to find someone you haven’t seen in years grows stronger as the years pass by. When we recall old memories of childhood playmates, old boyfriends, and long-lost best friends, we tend to grow nostalgic. Whether you want to recreate days past or just relive some of the good times with that person you … Read more