How to be a successful woman

How can I be a successful woman? You can start by never being a victim. This article aims its message at those women who strive to be strong, independent women. Women should always try to be self-reliant. Many times the only thing separating a woman from success is her level of self-esteem. Sadly, so many … Read more

How to romance a women

Do you want to bring more romance into your relationship, but don’t know where to start? Being a man is not that easy either. Women are naturally better at it. Women often watch a lot of romantic movies, so they often value romance a bit more than men. But when exactly are you romantic? And … Read more

How to be more manly

In today’s world, gender roles continue to face challenges and undergo adjustments as people redefine male and female identities. In ages past, “real men” clobbered women over the head, literally or figuratively, and dragged them to their caves as primitive mates that required masculine control. All that changed during the advent of feminism in recent … Read more

How to meet women

It’s an age-old problem that men of all ages face at some time in their lives: how can I meet women? The first thing a man has to decide is what kind of women does he want to meet? Are you looking for a one night stand? Or, are you looking for a relationship that … Read more

How to Simplify Your Life

We, as Americans, caught up in materialism and the rat race, move at an amazing speed. No time for anything but making the almighty dollar. No time to stop and smell the roses. What good is making money and being busy, if we can’t enjoy our lives? How long can we last at this pace? … Read more

How to organize your life

How many times have you promised yourself you’d get organized? Have you lost something, missed an appointment, or forgotten a birthday just because your life has gotten unmanageable? How many of these “get organized” articles have you read only to think, “Impossible!”? Believe me, when I say, you CAN get organized and it doesn’t take … Read more

How to overcome a fear of flying

The feeling of fear is hard to define and even harder to understand. It is easy to see that if you have gone through a trauma, you will have fears about getting into similar situations, but it can be confusing when you fear something that you have no personal cause to be afraid of. The … Read more

How to overcome a fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is natural. Too much fear, however, can hold you back by making you shy away from opportunities that could enhance your life. The first step to overcoming excessive fear of rejection is to become aware of what that fear is. Although the moment of rejection might be painful, the fear is something … Read more

How to get in a good mood

Everyone goes through down times occasionally, where they feel depressed, frustrated, or unduly irritated. But if you find that your bad moods are becoming more frequent or lasting longer, it may be time to do something about them. Of course, you can always check with your doctor if you feel unusually anxious, stressed out, or … Read more

How to hide embarrassment

No matter how tactful you are with your words, no matter how careful you are to zip your fly, no matter how many beans you avoid you will inevitably do something embarrassing. Prevention helps, but mistakes will still happen. The ultimate trick to handling embarrassment is simply to play it cool. This guide will show … Read more