How to deal with difficult people at work

Some days, you arrive at work, and you feel like you must’ve run away with the circus. Some of these people are seriously strange. Short of letting one of the lions out of their cages to maul them into a merciful silence, what else can you do to get through the day? Here’s how to […]

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How to resolve conflict with a coworker

Man is a social being thus he needs to interact with people. Almost every individual has experienced, in one way or another, how it is to work in a group – from his childhood games to wherever he is now earning his living. Unfortunately, not every group succeeds in its objectives or goals. Failure is […]

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How to Brainstorm ideas in Group Activities

Whether your family is planning its next vacation or your workplace co-workers are trying to resolve a difficult management problem, brainstorming is an effective communications tool for getting everyone’s ideas on the table. The open environment does not distinguish the value of contributions based on the respective ranks of the speakers nor does it allow […]

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How to live with a workaholic

There’s a lot of truth to the notion that whatever initially attracts us to a relationship holds the potential to be the very same thing that will later annoy and repel us. For example, a man who is popular and has lots of friends will be accused of spending more time with them than with […]

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How to Give Speech on Cause and Effect

Explaining the cause or effect of a specific process or concept can be daunting, so be sure you know the topic thoroughly. Moreover, be aware of your audience’s information needs so you can deliver the information they expect to help them understand a challenging or difficult topic. To prepare a cause and effect presentation, here […]

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bowling party

How do you organize a bowling party?

A bowling party is a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Here are some ideas for a successful bowling party. Invitations The invitations can be done on a computer. Some ideas include: Have a Ball! Bowling in Another Year! Let the Good Times Bowl! Meet You in the Alley! Party in the Fast […]

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Wine Tasting Party

How to Host the Best Wine Tasting Party

The jury may still be out concerning the possible medicinal values of wine, but one thing is for sure–tasting wine will always be in vogue. A professional wine-tasting circuit consisting of wine merchants, producers, buyers, and sommeliers makes the rounds each year to sample new crops of the drink. And, you, too, can get into […]

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neighborhood block party

How to plan a successful neighborhood block party

Fall and spring are both wonderful times to have a block party and get reacquainted with your neighbors. However, it can also be a lot of work to pull one off successfully if you don’t plan ahead and get some help! First thing you need to do is talk to your neighbors. Go door to […]

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Victorian tea party

Victorian tea party invitation wording Samples

A Victorian tea party is elegant as well as fun. And, tea parties are ideal not only for casual gatherings among friends, but in honor of birthdays, new arrivals, weddings, retirements and graduations. If you are planning a tea party, these ideas and sample wordings will make your invitations as special as the event. VICTORIAN […]

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texas dinner party

Ideas for the perfect texas theme dinner party

DECORATIONS AND APPAREL Decorate your home with Texas touches. Tie bandanas around doorknobs and lamps… and be sure to wear one yourself, and supply one for each of your guests. Cut construction paper into the shape of cowboy boots, and hang them throughout the house. You could even string them together to make a garland. […]

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