How to remove toilet paper holder

It’s a common problem: you need to remove your toilet paper holder, but you can’t seem to find the right tool. Well, search no more! With this helpful guide, you’ll be able to remove your toilet paper holder in no time. Tools and materials In order to remove a toilet paper holder, you will need … Read more

How to remove a towel bar

Looking to remove a towel bar but not sure how? Look no further! This concise guide will show you how to remove a towel bar in just a few simple steps. Why remove a towel bar? Most of the time, people remove towel bars because they’re damaged or they want to update the style of … Read more

How to remove door hinge pin

Removing a hinge pin from a door isn’t difficult, but there are a few tricks that will make it much easier. Resist the urge to use whatever screwdriver or chisel is handy to tap out the bolt because the process risks ruining most metal edges. Make sure the door is secured with shims, as any … Read more

How to Quickly Defrost Your Freezer

Defrosting your freezer is a must when it comes to preserving your food and helping your freezer to maintain the energy level it should be using. A good way to know that it is time to defrost is when you see around 1/2 inch thickness of ice around the inside of the freezer. You can … Read more

How to troubleshoot and fix your dishwasher

The dishwasher is such a convenience in modern households that it can be very disappointing when it doesn’t work. Many dishwasher problems are easy to repair by yourself, saving you time, money, and giving you a sense of satisfaction of ownership over your home appliances. The most common dishwasher problem is that of incomplete cleaning. … Read more

How to fix a refrigerator light problem

A refrigerator light is often one of those accessories we take for granted right up until the day it fails. Without proper lighting, a refrigerator compartment can get very dark indeed, making it difficult to select the right food item or check for spoilage. Changing out a refrigerator lightbulb is not usually a difficult process, … Read more

How To Fix Refrigerator That’s Not Dispensing Water

Don’t call a plumber Alas for the old days when all refrigerators did was keep food cold. Today many modern appliances have convenient added features which include water and ice dispensers and water filtering systems. But as anyone who has studied Murphy’s law knows, the more features something has the more potential for something to … Read more

How to Remove a Door Knob

Replacing a worn or broken doorknob is not a task that requires special skills or a large amount of time. To avoid leaving your home unattended (or without an external doorknob), it’s best to choose your replacement hardware ahead of time. Doorknobs are sold in standard sizes, so finding the right fit for regular-sized doors … Read more

How to repair carpet

Accidentally, you can even damage the carpet, which is carefully cared for. You can burn through the carpet with cigarette ash. The sharp end of a fallen broken toy can cut through the carpet fibers to the base. And stains from certain liquids persistently resist shampoos and stain removers. However, if you have some carpet scraps and some inexpensive … Read more

How to replace an air conditioner air filter

Dirty air filters are the main reason air conditioners don’t work as well as they should. Every time the air conditioner runs, it pulls air through its filter. The purpose of the filter is to catch impurities in the air. With those particles stuck to the filter, the path for air gets blocked to a … Read more