How to Get Rid of Gnats

What are gnats ? Gnats are tiny flies in the same category that includes midges, crane flies, and mosquitoes. They are frequently confused with many other kinds of flying insects. Considering their small size, There are various types of themes such as fungus gnats, black gnats, drain flies, midges, sand flies, and fruit flies. Gnats … Read more

How to get rid of fruit flies

What are Fruit Flies? Fruit flies are yellow-brown flies with eyes that are red and black rings along the abdomen. The females are usually 2.5mm long and the males are somewhat smaller. Notable for a quick reproduction cycle as well as high egg counts, a female lays approximately 400 eggs into decrying or rotting fruit … Read more

How to get rid of mice

Eliminating mice in your house doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use commercial traps and baits; you also have an option to learn how to get rid of mice naturally. Learning how to get rid of mice naturally is not a difficult thing to understand. All you have to do is to get familiar … Read more

How to get rid of rats

Rats Rat Rats are larger than mice. There are many different types of rats. Examples include kangaroo rats, cotton rats, Norway rats, black rats, naked mole rats, wood rats, pack rats. Norway is a common type of rat in Australia. Rats eat eggs, biscuits, bread, meat, fruits, grains, vegetables, cereal, and other types of food … Read more

How to make a homemade paper wasp trap

Paper wasps are generally beneficial insects. They eat annoying insects such as mosquitoes and flies and pollinate flowers and plants. Wasps do not endanger food safety. Unlike flies or some ants, for example, they do not carry any fungi or bacteria. Paper Wasps can sting painfully. The sting of a wasp, unlike the bee, has … Read more

How to get rid of carpet beetles

Carpet beetles enter your home in countless ways: hitchhiking with cut flowers, clothes, or pets, or just flying through an open window. Once inside, carpet beetles (Dermestids) can settle down and lay their eggs, and their larvae can really wreak havoc on carpets, curtains, upholstery, and even clothing. Don’t give them a chance to do … Read more

How to get rid of white fly infestation

Whiteflies are small flies, approximately 1/8 of an inch long. They are completely white and can be seen flying off your plants when you shake them. These insects pierce the outer layer of your plants and extract the liquids contained inside. The whitefly can carry diseases and exude a sticky, sugary concentrate of plant juices … Read more

How to get rid of ants naturally

Ants in the kitchen aren’t a pretty sight. It’s mighty embarrassing to have guests watch a trail of these tiny industrialists stealing crumbs from your counter! But you don’t want to spray your kitchen with poisons to get rid of them! Try some of these organic tips before calling in the pesticides! If you find … Read more

How to control whiteflies

Whiteflies devastate houseplants and are one of the biggest problems that plant owners deal with. Unfortunately, most people end up throwing infected houseplants away. The plants look hopeless with their shriveled-up leaves and mysterious sticky residues. Identifying whiteflies is relatively easy. Shake your plant in question and you’ll see dozens (if not hundreds) of tiny … Read more

How to identify and get rid of aphids

Often known as one of the pests of the insect world, the aphid is a very tiny insect that feeds on a variety of plant forms. This amazing insect from the Apidae family is one of the fastest reproducing in the Homoptera order of bugs. No larger than 1/8 inch long, this minute creature has … Read more