How to install an under cabinet toaster oven

More counter space is the desire of anyone preparing food in a kitchen. One way to get that counter space and still have the most convenient appliances is to install under the cabinet models. These models allow for use of the counter space below and still offer the convenience of having the appliance readily available. … Read more

How to mount an under cabinet coffee maker

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How to disconnect a gas stove

A natural gas cooking stove is less expensive to operate than an electric stove. But, you probably already know that. Unlike an electric stove, you have to be careful when you are connecting or unhooking the gas supply lines though. And, it’s only slightly more complicated to disconnect too. Maybe you’re moving your natural gas … Read more

How to fix weak dishwasher jets

Is it time to fix your dishwasher’s weak jets? It is if: -your dishes come out just as dry as they were when you put them in-your children complain because everything you make for dinner looks and tastes like the lasagna you made a month ago even though you’ve washed the dishes several times since … Read more

How to fix a toaster that won’t pop up

Despite their simple appearance, toasters are actually quite complicated. Luckily, most of us never have an issue with our toaster and we don’t have to think about how complicated they may or may not be. After many years of frequent use, bread may just stop popping up and we end up with burnt toast, a … Read more

How to use terra cotta disk for brown sugar

Brown sugar is an essential ingredient in many baked goods and other recipes. However, over time, it can become hard and difficult to work with, making it necessary to soften it before using it in your recipe. This is where the terra cotta disk comes in. A terra-cotta disk is a small, flat disk made … Read more

How to store knives long term

If you’re a knife collector or just someone who values the tools in your kitchen, you know how important it is to store knives properly to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. Improper storage can lead to dull blades, rust, and even damage to the handle. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks … Read more

How to use a wok properly

A wok is a versatile cooking pan that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. It’s a unique design, with sloping sides and a rounded bottom making it ideal for high-heat cooking techniques like stir-frying and pan-frying. If you’re new to wok cooking, this guide will help you understand how to choose the right wok, season … Read more