How to clean the garage

Have you ever known someone that uses a garage just for storage? Instead of parking the car inside for shelter, those people leave the car exposed to the weather’s elements in order to keep a roof over boxes, equipment, and assorted odds and ends. Keeping your car in the garage will preserve its appearance, keep … Read more

How to clean home heating vents

Looking at your home’s heating vents, you may think they look just fine. After all, warm air blows through them regularly in the winter, so that will obviously remove any dust or debris that might otherwise cause problems, right? Not necessarily. Heating vents take a lot of use and abuse during the entire year, not … Read more

How to clean and sanitize a shower stall

Cleaning the shower is important if the undesirable household task that should be carried out weekly if not more often. When several family members bathe in the same shower, a variety of conditions can evolve that must be taken care of before they cause someone to become sick. For example, an athlete’s foot is a … Read more

How to clean concrete steps

In a quest to clean the rest of the house, it’s easy to overlook the concrete steps that lead from one level to the next. Basement stairs, or the steps leading from the first to the second, or the second to the third floors also can accumulate a significant amount of dust and dirt. When … Read more

How to clean your washing machine

Is there an unpleasant smell coming out of the washing machine? Alas, a simple rinse will not get rid of it. Removing mold and odors, scale and plaque, washing the drum — we will tell you how to clean the washing machine at home. It is worth remembering: the washing machine should be cleaned regularly. This affects not … Read more

How to clean and care for a granite countertop

So you’ve agonized over the decision to go with natural stone or solid surface and finally decided on granite for its variations and natural beauty. You’ve pondered whether to use a light or dark color, subtle variations, or more noticeable ones. The granite countertops are finally cut and installed and they are everything you hope … Read more

How to Clean Your Fake Plants

Silk plants are an attractive office accessory, but only if they are kept clean and dust-free. Silk plant maintenance is simple since they do not need the sun, water and fertilizers real plants require, but cleaning must be done regularly to keep the plants crisp and pretty. Basic dusting is the most important part of … Read more

How to make home cleaning mixtures

Hi, Housewifes and Loves! This post is special for you, who asked a lot on my social media for this top 18 of the best homemade cleaning mixes. Anyway, request, for me it’s debt, and I made this selection, among my thousands of homemade recipes, and after a lot of effort, after all, they are … Read more

How to clean linens

So many of us have inherited cedar chests full of vintage linens our grandmothers embroidered or grabbed a not-quite-clean but still fabulous tablecloth at a garage sale for a quarter. Often, those treasures wind up laying in the garage or basement or piled in an unused corner, because we aren’t quite sure where to start … Read more

How to clean a rugs

Purchasing floor coverings for your home can be a costly endeavor. Considering the high amount of foot traffic and dirt that your rugs are exposed to on a daily basis, it can be a daunting task to keep them clean and allergen-free. If you follow these tips and suggestions, however, you will be well on … Read more