How to learn to fly

The dream of flight is held by many people throughout the world. Some fulfill it vicariously through the occasional ride on a commercial airliner. Others actually pursue their dreams by taking flight lessons and earning a pilot’s license. Two major options exist for becoming a pilot. First of all, an individual can rent a plane […]

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Winning contests!

How to win any contests!

There are more than five hundred contests and sweepstakes each year that give away items such as cash, vacations, houses, cars, electronic equipment, cameras, and much, much more. These dream prizes keep the average person filling out entry forms hoping to be the next big winner. There is more than one hundred million dollars worth […]

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wrestling show card

How to book a wrestling show card

If you run an independent or backyard wrestling federation, then this is for you. Or, if you’re just interested in wrestling, you’ll find this interesting as well. The following is a set of rules and guidelines for running an 8-match wrestling show. The guidelines here would make a perfect show in my opinion. Match 1- […]

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