How to sleep well

Sleep is one of the most important elements to our general health and well being as much as food, water and air are to our bodies, yet we cheat ourselves of sleep more often than any other bodily need. Depriving yourself of sleep can cause you many problems including the lowering of your body’s immune … Read more

How to give a foot massage

Our feet are a bit like the black sheep of the family. They work hard for you all day long. They carry your entire weight and take you everywhere. Especially in winter, we hide them in our shoes and they get little attention. In 2020, we wrote how science proves that foot massages have a … Read more

How to use lavender oil

Lavender Oil – How It Works And How To Use It Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils. That is not without reason, because lavender has a wonderful scent and is also good for the body and mind. Do you have a bottle of lavender oil at home and are you curious … Read more

How jasmine oil is used as a natural healer

Jasmine is a sturdy, climbing, evergreen shrub with bright green leaves that grows to be approximately twenty feet tall with white star-shaped flowers. These flowers can only be picked at night because they only bloom at night. This beautiful plant can be found in Egypt, Morocco, and the Mediterranean. They were originally found in Peru, … Read more

How to give massage with essential oils

The power of massage has been known since the time of Hippocrates. For many centuries, new techniques and techniques have appeared-Thai, lymphatic drainage, plucked, French, etc. Regardless of the nuances, massage stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, improves muscle tone, helps to get rid of keratinized cells, toxins, and bad mood. The effect is enhanced with the use … Read more

How to use the essential oil of marjoram

Marjoram Origanum majorana (synonym: Majorana hortensis ) Lip flower ( Labiaceae / Lamiaceae ) Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Cyprus, France, Hungary, and other regions around the Mediterranean Plant Part: Fresh Flowering Herb Marjoram is available as a distillate (essential oil). Characteristic of marjoram The genus Origanum consists of 60 different plants or shrubs. There are many … Read more

How to give a hot stone massage

Incorporate hot stone therapy into your massage practice. Described below are the basics you need to know about giving a hot stone massage. You’ll also learn the steps required for giving a relaxing hot stone massage to your clients. The basic equipment needed to perform a hot stone massage includes a massage table, linens for … Read more

How to heat massage stones

Hot stone massage is all the rage as of late. It is an intensive treatment that allows for deep tissue, muscle penetration. This type of massage is most beneficial for stress worn or tired aching muscles. Those who are strained by sports injuries and the like may find this soothing, as this type of massage … Read more

How to look thinner overnight

Hello, dear readers! In the summer, when a woman is all insight, you want to look younger, more attractive, and slimmer. There are many secrets to how to look thinner with the help of clothes, the ability to get into the right pose for a photo shoot. Fashion designers and other specialists will tell you … Read more