fondue dinner party

How to Plan a fondue dinner party

A fondue menu is fun, tasty, and interactive; serve a three-course fondue meal for a dinner party people are sure to remember. What is fondue? Fondue was derived from ā€œfrondreā€ which is the French word meaning to melt. Fondue has come to mean any type of hot food served in a fondue pot into which […]

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Breakfasts Parties Ideas

Easy Breakfasts Parties Ideas

Breakfast parties can be very fun — they’re less formal than dinner parties, and you can tailor them to your needs. You might have a breakfast party the morning after an old-fashioned girls’ sleep-over, or you may entertain formally. Breakfast parties can even work for business opportunities! The menu and the atmosphere are very important. […]

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cheap dinner party ideas

How to throw a cheap dinner party ideas

Dinner parties are one of the best ways to keep up with your friends. The problem can be the expense of throwing one. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to have a dinner party and not break the bank. One idea is to have the guests provide most of the food or drink. You […]

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how to plan a 50's diner theme dinner party

How to plan a 50’s diner theme dinner party

The next time you are looking for an inventive idea for an upcoming dinner party, consider a 50’s diner theme. Depending on the age of your guests, it will either be a fun night of nostalgia or a chance to experience a bygone era for the first time. Encourage your guests to come in costume. […]

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