What to put in diaper bag

Taking your little one on an outing, short or long, can be an adventure. So much can happen to impact the success of your mission: the baby may become ill, may get into something messy, or may need a little extra comfort while around strangers. That is why it is a good idea to pack … Read more

How to stop child biting nails and skin

Ah, toddlers just as you get them to stop sucking their thumb or throw away the pacifier, they begin biting their nails. Toddlers may bite their nails out of boredom, stress, curiosity, or to comfort themselves. And unlike thumb-sucking, nail-biting is a nervous habit that might continue into adulthood. However, it is just as likely … Read more

How to organize a diaper bag

As a new mother, I loaded myself up with all the seeming essentials every time I left the house. In one hand was the stroller, on the other arm was my purse and the monstrous diaper bag, and if I could manage it in one trip, the baby in his car seat in that hand. … Read more

How to potty train a baby

Potty training your child is typically a big event for the whole family. Potty training should not be a stressful time in your and your child’s life, but, instead, a time of celebration. Once your child is potty trained, she has reached an important milestone in her young life. New parents often have questions related … Read more

How to fold a cloth diaper

If you’ve decided to use prefolded diapers on your baby or toddler, you’ll need to know how to fold them! Though they are called “prefolded” diapers, you’ll still need to fold them onto your baby – “prefolded” simply means that the manufacturer has taken out one step for you. Unfortunately, prefolded diapers have a reputation … Read more

How to wash the baby carrier

A baby carrier can get lost in the shuffle of a parent’s cleaning duties. After all, it provides more of a transitional service in getting a child from car to home or from crib to playpen. But a carrier is an important item that should not be overlooked in the process of caring for your … Read more

How to wash baby clothes

Washing baby clothes is an important task that should be given a little bit different attention than washing clothes for the rest of the family. After all, infants clothes are smaller and their skin is more sensitive to whatever materials they wear. Also, a baby’s sleeper or small cap can get lost in the folds … Read more

How to choose a cloth diaper

What type of cloth diaper will work best for you? There are many types of cloth diapers available today. At times, the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re just starting out with a cloth. This article will help you sort through the choices available to you and find the best diapers … Read more

How to wash cloth diapers

There are many methods for washing cloth diapers. As you settle into cloth diapering, you will develop your own routine that works best for your needs. This article contains a basic wash routine and then discusses some of the variations you may opt to follow. This basic wash routine utilizes the dry pail method, which … Read more