How to start making a family tree

What is a family tree? A family tree is a diagram or chart that represents the genealogy or lineage of a particular family, displaying information about the ancestors and descendants of the family members. It typically includes the names, birthdates, and other relevant information of each person in the family, as well as their relationships … Read more

How to reupholster an accent chair

Thrift store shopping can be an exciting adventure. Finding furniture that fits your budget will take some hunting. Most often that furniture will need some repair. A chair that has old upholstery on it is an eyesore, yet with a little work, it can become an object of beauty. Anyone can reupholster a chair. It … Read more

How to Make a Kool-aid Bag

Start by splashing 22 pockets in extremely lathery water and wash. Ensure the water gets into each pocket and wash completely. Smooth each pocket, squeezing however much water out as could reasonably be expected through the straw opening. The unmistakable Kool-aid pocket backs make it simple to see and get all of the water out … Read more