How to make candles on sticks

Candle-making is a creative and fulfilling hobby that has been enjoyed by people for centuries. Whether you are looking to make candles as a gift or simply want to add a personal touch to your home d├ęcor, this guide will show you how to make candles on sticks in a few simple steps. With a … Read more

How to make slime at home

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How to make a flower press

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How to do gravestone rubbing

Gravestone rubbing is the practice of creating a detailed replica of a grave marker or headstone by placing a piece of paper over the inscription and rubbing it with a crayon or charcoal. This technique is used by genealogists, historians, and artists to preserve the memory of the deceased, as well as to study the … Read more

How to Make Stamps Using Vegetables

Stamps are a popular craft item. They come in all sorts of shapes, patterns, and figures. What do you do though, if you would like to make an item with stamps that is unique from anything available? Use what nature has provided! Vegetables and leaves are perfect items to make into stamps. Note: This is … Read more

How to make homemade air fresheners

It is impossible to imagine life without them nowadays, air fresheners. In the past, the only air freshener in the house was a box of matches in the toilet to expel the unpleasant odors. Homemade air fresheners. Using glass jars, herbs, and citrus fruits, you can make your own air freshener that is a thousand … Read more

How To Create A Stunning Flower Arrangement

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How to make a pet sofa protector

As pet owners, we all love to have our furry friends close by, but often times they can cause damage to our furniture. Whether it’s scratches, spills, or hair, it can be difficult to keep our sofas and chairs in good condition when our pets use them regularly. But, don’t worry! With a pet sofa … Read more