How to make a soap cutter

All soap comes out of a soap mold hardened. It is now ready to cut and cure. To cut the soap into individual bars you will need to decide what size bars you want. The thickness is usually about ¾ inch to one inch thick. If you are using a soap mold for smaller four … Read more

How to make a homemade bubble bath

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice hot bubble bath. And believe it or not, making a bubble bath at home is a very simple operation with some nice side benefits. Not only can you control the oils and fragrances of the bubble bath, but you also gain the ability to control any additives. … Read more

How to make your own homemade shaving soap

Shaving soap is a popular cosmetic product that you can make yourself. Home remedy is easy to make. Such products will be inexpensive and will be much more useful than purchased options. History of soap origin During excavations in Mesopotamia, archaeologists saw one of the first proofs that soap making has a centuries-old history. In the places of … Read more

How to make homemade milk soap

While you can purchase soap in just about any store, making your own is something you might be considering. Not only is it fun, but you are also more in control of the ingredients that go into the final product. There is always a sense of accomplishment that comes with holding something in your hands … Read more

How to make a soap mold

Almost anything that will hold liquid can be used as a soap mold. Cardboard boxes lined with Wax paper, plastic tubs, heat-resistant glass containers, wood, stainless steel, and enamel pans, anything that is not aluminum. For simple square or rectangular bars of soap, you can use a brownie pan with square edges. You can purchase … Read more